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Honest Scrap award

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2010 at 11:32

Ok kill me shilpadesh if you want to for posting this so late 🙂 (It was sometime in October 2009) 😀 . Thank you so much for giving me this award here.


“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

Some rules of the game

a) Show off your honesty(and modesty) by thanking the person who gave you the award and link to their post.- Done 🙂

b) List 10 honest things about yourself, please no cheating here !! that’s the fun part. – Will do your honour

c) Select 7 other bloggers you think deserve this award and pass it on to them.- Thats a tough one, love all of them, but will do 🙂

d) Notify the bloggers about the award and invite them to be the honest ones next !!- Okies sirji.

Time for some honesty : 10 honest things about me (as if the other memes i did were not honest 😦 )

1. MAD: Mad About Dancing that is. My facebook pals already know now i guess that my doctor had to actually tape my foot yesterday to stop me from dancing anymore this week. I have been dancing with this injury for a month. Ok go ahead kill me 😦

2. Cooking: Well not that i liked doing it earlier, I have been forced by my cook to look up recipes and teach him how to cook. That guy cant cook any vegetable properly. I mean who mixes potatoes with Bitter gourd and that too mashed..ewww

3. Shazahn padamsee: New Crush after Shehnaz Treasurywala. Co-incidence that both are Parsis..Fab people i tell you :). Drool drool

Shazahn PadamseeShazahn PadamseeMan Magnet- Shazahn PadamseeShazahn PadamseeShazahn PadamseeShazahn Padamsee

4. Hugs: Rather the hug icon. I think yahoo has the best huggie icon 🙂 >:D< . And i love hugs :D. I tried #freehugs sometime back, where i tried to give free hugs to 50 tweeple. Pity i fell short by 4 😦

5. Plays/Theatre: I enjoy plays more than the movies. The acting, the response from audience its all so instant. I think Prithvi Cafe does have a role in that too. I enjoy watching plays at Prithvi Cafe. I love their Samosas 😛 I love that place to meet friends talk, relax watch a play and take a walk at the juhu beach. Its just brilliant. I also think that actors who have come up the hard way by working in theatre are better.

6. Doodles: Sketching “still life” stopped long back for me once i was out of school. Engineering drawing was the only thing i did in engineering that too in the first year. Doodles gave me company during my stint in Satyam in lectures during MBA and even now. It does help a lot to remember whats happening around you while you were busy doodling. I still miss sketching, i should start keeping a notebook just for sketching.

7. Guitar: A lot of effort has already gone in to learning this instrument. It is at times realy frustrating tuning this, thats when i decided it was time to buy a tuner. It is one of my favourite posession now. Not that it costs a bomb or anything, but its very useful.  It has helped to reduce all the frustration that i used to go through trying to tune my guitar. Not that i still find time for learning it, but once i’m done with my exams i should be back to playing. Oh and i should thank Esther, who i just realised is not on my blog roll 😦 Sorry esther dont kill me.

And if you want to know how this tuner looks like, heres a sample picture

8. Frank Opinion: If you are asking me my view, i will give it to you. Please dont expect me to sugar coat it. It should not affect the relationship we share right? Else, let me stay quiet.

9. Staying quiet: My way of fighting 🙂 just stay quiet. It is mighty effective and keeps the other person guessing, has the potential of driving them nuts.

10.Hate being late: Or rather i hate making people wait for me. Although if i am waiting for someone, i always calm myself down by saying they must be having a good reason for it, even if its about 2 hours 😛

Okay now the tough part, choosing 7 bloggers to pass this award. Well i always like sharing the award with some new bloggers so that it keeps them going. Here it goes:

1. Chandni


3. Archita

4.Farting pen




I’m done 🙂 phew this must be the first post that has stayed as a draft for such a long time. I’m glad its done finally.

  1. 1,2,8,10 … me too 😀

    Cold wars .. I just can’t do that 😦 😦


  2. that rocket singh girl is very cute indeed heheh


  3. Oh yay thanks 🙂 Will do this and reply to all your comments asap!


  4. Nice to know more about you! I wish there were more people like you re hating being late! I hate being late and hate being kept waiting…but somehow majority of my friends are perpetually late! 😛


  5. I am with you on #2,6,7,8,10 and getting there on #9 😀 😀
    Wow! that’s loads of similarity you see 😉 🙂


  6. Thanks so much!!!:)im honoured..:)
    and im totally with u on 2,4,7,and 8..


  7. Thanks for the award Anirudha. I am truly honoured.


  8. This is my first visit here.
    Very interesting.
    Will return later


  9. I see a lot of similarities 🙂 Hey and that`s a fancy tuner! Mine is very basic and I`ve stopped using it too. May be I should get one of these. Do you also use a metronome? What guitar do you own?


    • @Piper not at all fancy, but very easy to use and effective :D. Naah i dont use metronome now, will do so later once i learn some more :D. I have an acoustic jumbo size and you?


      • 🙂 I have a small Amish guitar. Acoustic. Also, I wanted to tell you that for your entry for the blogadda contest(Father`s day) – you havent left a link. Go and leave a link to your post. Otherwise it will not be considered. Where is that post, by the way? I couldnt find it on your page..


    • @Piper: uh me? and blogadda contest? 😦 i dont even know what when why how 😥


  10. The tuner looks like a clip on phone to me :O


    • @meira: look who is here 🙂 will you please respond to comments on your blog? 😀 well bingo meira it is exactly a clip that needs to be put on guitar’s head 😀


  11. I am bad at cold wars. They kinda get permanent with me as I don’t know when to stop! 😀
    Love hugs. Tuner looks freaky. The Gal IS cuuute. Nice that you don’t keep people waiting. Considerate…:)


  12. it is always great to read about you and your honesty is precious!


  13. great to know a lil more about you!


  14. Great…but I don’t like silient killers..:( I have plenty of frenz who fight with silience and it kills me mahnnnn :-(((((


  15. oooo ur seven points are so similar to my interests in life….except for the sketching part where i suck 😛 1, 2 and 10 is so mean ….though guitar is something i will learn for sure !
    i am a silence kinds too i go completely quiet 😛


  16. I meant so me not mean …sorry for the typo 😛


  17. I am with you on 5,7,8,10… Love watching plays anyday over the movies.. I cant tune my guitar even after getting the tuner.. Trying to figure it out.. I hate being late as well being made to wait..


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