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Tweet Nothings

In tweet nothings on December 31, 2013 at 10:19

As you all know i am not blogging much these days thanks to tweeting. I promise to get back to writing soon. In the meanwhile wifey suggested i do post few tweets here for you all to read. Hope you like it 🙂 will keep adding to this post.

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Envy the light that runs through your sheer to kiss your legs today

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The smell of lace on her body, reaching out on her soft skin all the way to the fishnet, his lunch kept burning on the stove

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Open fields called out to her, as she ran with freedom with him, they always loved this early morning jog together, she and her dog

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She waited patiently in her white dress, wine dripping out of her glass, she couldnt look into their eyes, parties killed her without him

Follow me please

Jealousy peaked every time a strand of hair kissed her cheeks,the wind played with her earrings. Long distance killed him everyday at office

Mord-Sith - blog dostępny pod adresem

From dawn to dusk, they slept. his arm her only pillow

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The arrogance with which she moved, the cat jealous, he did not feel like resisting that day, for the princess took what she wanted


She always found her way through his arms to rest on his lap, nudge his hands to caress her, she was his Love alarm

Untitled Album

She let her emotions flow out, every word a tragedy. .he had learnt his mistakes, burning all letters

Those summer days...

There she was in her white lace reaching out to the butterflies as they were drawn by the her scent, scent called him

Think Me Strange

सुबह  आएगी  फिर  से , रात  बाकी  है , वो  आये  ना  आये  साकी , जाम  बाकी  है

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