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How do i leave?

In Special on December 13, 2009 at 05:11

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for creating certain feelings through this post which are difficult to describe. Do not blame me, i warned you. And no i am the same Ani that you all know, just wanted to do something different.

How I find you sleeping peacefully each morning, your head using me as the pillow and hand holding mine. It’s the most beautiful morning that could ever be to watch the sun kiss the strands of hair that have fallen on your beautiful face. Just the way Sun acknowledges every morning.

How do I leave?

My oversized sweater just suits you perfect, I can’t help but click the most beautiful pose that shows how one can snuggle into a sweater and sleep.

How do I leave?

“Time for coffee baby.” No, please!! you are not supposed to lick the cream like that when I am around, I can’t resist but hold you close.

How do I leave?

Okay stay in the hug and watch your toons. You can always tell me about them, I don’t care what you talk about, as long as you talk. I just love to see the excitement in your eyes, trust me I’m listening to you baby.

How do I leave?

Its actually okay to slap me once in a while with those soft, little cute hands. Yes, you can kneel on bed and help me with my tie but don’t look into my eyes and smile. It’s cruel to entice me into every move.

How do i leave?

Just when I am about to leave, you tug at my shirt.

How do I leave you like this? I wont!

P.S: The photos have been linked to their respective sources. This post would not have been possible without Freya who helped me with suitable images for this post. She has an amazing blog, love her creativity and honesty with which she posts. Go visit her 🙂

Life and death

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A strange thing happened last night. Something we were not prepared to deal with. We had just turned off the lights and we’re slowly falling asleep just then Rhea woke up.

“Mom dad, both of you are going to grow old, and then both of you will die.”

She folded her hands and said

“please I don’t want both of you to get old, can you please turn small, I don’t want both of you to die”

She kept crying, I have never hugged her so tight. This was really tough to deal with. I could not figure out what and how to console her. Wife asked her to think happy thoughts quickly, mentioned to think about her cartoon characters .

In times like these when we are trying to deal with our own set of anxieties, we need to also look at what our kids are going through too. Rhea hasn’t met her teachers, school friends, friends. Been locked indoors. She’s been so cooperative with everything. No tantrums, no unreasonable demands.

I couldn’t think of anything so we went through some short films by pixar on YouTube. That helped divert her mind a little.

I am still not at peace, thinking how will I handle this if it happens again. Any pointers will help.

Day 21/21

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Lock down has been extended till 3rd May 2020. I think we all were expecting it. Some states in India have already done it. What is worrying is there is no clear communication from the PM in terms of how we are progressing on getting hold of more test kits, how the poor are being fed.

Cant just sit and hope and pray. The front line workers are doing an excellent job, but we need to equip them well. India needs to do more on healthcare. I hope that happens once the virus is in control.

I finished the painting finally on Wednesday night. Only 1 more to go in pop art section and then I can move on to something else.

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