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Why hit? when you can be stupid?

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he was fighting with her

he wanted to be with her

he was wrong he knew

he was right she knew

oh the dilemma

Give me hope!

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Every morning he wakes up takes in some sunshine. Sunshine gave him hope, a hope to move forward. Not be bogged down by the past. Early morning rays filled him with energy, strength to achieve. It was going to be his day. He would take in the sunshine as he goes about observing.

There’s a mother helping his son climb on to a school bus. A friend helping his mate go on and do that extra set of bench press. There’s the swimming coach who eggs on his new student to take the plunge. Birds are on their way to forage for food for their little ones. The sound of birds chirping, the sweetest song that one could start their day with. He glances over to see his wife and daughter being cuddled in clouds full of dreams. He lets them sleep some more and gets ready for this fresh new day that awaited him.

Once done packing his lunch and fixing up his breakfast he remembers to pack his dancing shoes for the class at the end of the day. Goes back to check on his love to find his little 10 month old daughter is awake and greets him with the cutest smile he could ever see. She is busy right now trying to wake his mom up, who snuggles into the quilt. He lifts his bundle of joy and gives her umpteen number of kisses. Kisses his wife to wake her up finally. Hugs his family and heads to work. A spring in his step, lots of things on his to-do list, he was going to knock them off one at a time. No rush, just one at a time.

That’s how he wanted to wake up each day and end it with speaking to everyone in his family who stayed all across the world. Life is all about opportunities, and he wanted to make the most of it. It was such a waste of time fretting over things that did not happen, and so much better to hope and make things happen.

Everyone does have a bad day, its about how one comes out of it, stands up and delivers at the end of the day. Punch your way out of misery, struggle if you have to, crawl, but make that effort. Even if you do not achieve the result, at least you would be more closer to your goal than you were before. Seek positives, surround self with positive people, don’t let negative people drain your energy. Hang in there, keep trying, don’t be afraid to seek help, and don’t be shy to help others either. What goes around comes around and soon things will start to change for good.

Here’s to my sunshine who rock my world every morning

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Thank you for making me share a positive story, hope it helps make a difference.

Move on, step it up, Land well

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Still remember having quit my first job to go on and do MBA. My project manager was helpful, in professional as well as personal way. Having supported me while I was going through tough times on a personal front, he was happy to let me go, his prized resource, as he told me. In fact he even advised how this career move was going to help in the long run. Having gone back to Delhi from Hyderabad, I felt at home, for only a few days though. For I was soon going to head to Mumbai. Everyone loves home, everyone loves being in their comfort zone. But things happen only when one moves out of comfort zone. So, off I went to Mumbai. I still remember carrying a huge suitcase into NMIMS haha. Crazy, trying to figure out what hostel was allotted to me, who would be my new roommates. Thats how one should welcome change I guess, see it as an opportunity. That will open the doors, for happiness to walk in.

Since dad had a transferable job we always landed up staying in rented apartments. So many restrictions when you are staying in a house owned by someone else. The constant hassle of having to shift once the lease ends every 11 months. Finding new flat to rent, dealing with sick brokers. I was like enough. Actually not me, but wife ;) Or should I say my would be wife back then. She told me “I am not moving into a rented apartment with you”. Sometimes deadlines help, this was one such case.

Guess we looked at about 10 odd flats, wife would have seen about 50 and shortlisted these 10 for me. For someone who had always stayed in rented apartment, the new EMI burden, watching savings go up in expenses for interiors was some experience. Fighting over what tiles would go in kitchen, what would look good for the Tv unit, ah that was fun. Truth be told, not everything is fun, it gets tiring, rushing from office to select tiles, wallpapers, finalizing designBEwGTypCAAEHA1o bookshelf Calvin IMG-20130129-WA022 IMG-20130201-WA003 IMG-20130201-WA004 IMG-20130201-WA005 IMG-20130201-WA006 IMG-20130201-WA007with architect, selecting the paintings, choosing the shade of wooden laminates and so on. What helped was wife had figured out how she was planning to do the interiors for the house, while she allowed me to design one room (My favourite Calvin and Hobbes room)

A calvin and hobbes mural, that i thought would be easy to get done, took ages. Finalizing an artist who would work in the budget was painful. Twitter came to the rescue. Thanks to all the people who retweeted my request to get that done, two artists contacted me and I finalized one of them. She loved Calvin and Hobbes and that showed in the work that she finally did.

Moving in to this new house and then putting up everything piece by piece was some experience I will never forget, I give all the credit to wife for it for having pushed me to decide and finally move into our own house. Without her I feel I would have still continued to stay in rented apartments. We welcomed our daughter in this house, she’s 10 months now and I love every time she crawls on the wooden floor to come to me once I’m back from office. This will be the house where she will probably learn her first dancing steps, and then move on and choose a future for herself. This will be the house where we all will keep coming back to. Our own as I proudly call it now!

Thanks to people from Housing who made me share this story, something I always wanted to share about our house and how it had changed me. here is an interesting video about what they are all about:

So what’s your story about change? a good change..


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