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How do i leave?

In Special on December 13, 2009 at 05:11

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for creating certain feelings through this post which are difficult to describe. Do not blame me, i warned you. And no i am the same Ani that you all know, just wanted to do something different.

How I find you sleeping peacefully each morning, your head using me as the pillow and hand holding mine. It’s the most beautiful morning that could ever be to watch the sun kiss the strands of hair that have fallen on your beautiful face. Just the way Sun acknowledges every morning.

How do I leave?

My oversized sweater just suits you perfect, I can’t help but click the most beautiful pose that shows how one can snuggle into a sweater and sleep.

How do I leave?

“Time for coffee baby.” No, please!! you are not supposed to lick the cream like that when I am around, I can’t resist but hold you close.

How do I leave?

Okay stay in the hug and watch your toons. You can always tell me about them, I don’t care what you talk about, as long as you talk. I just love to see the excitement in your eyes, trust me I’m listening to you baby.

How do I leave?

Its actually okay to slap me once in a while with those soft, little cute hands. Yes, you can kneel on bed and help me with my tie but don’t look into my eyes and smile. It’s cruel to entice me into every move.

How do i leave?

Just when I am about to leave, you tug at my shirt.

How do I leave you like this? I wont!

P.S: The photos have been linked to their respective sources. This post would not have been possible without Freya who helped me with suitable images for this post. She has an amazing blog, love her creativity and honesty with which she posts. Go visit her :)

Get #artisified

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2015 at 14:12

I got home after a hard day’s work on Friday, yeah TGIF, what I did not know was a little package from the Artis Store ( that was going to make my Friday even better.


A surge protector, with enough sockets that works perfectly well with my Macbook pro laptop charger(I do not have an Indian charger). The best part about this surge protector are the two usb ports so you can directly charge your phone in case you forget your adaptor in office like me, or if your guests are having a hard time when they do not have enough charge on their phone (sorry but cannot help iphone people still), all you need is a USB cable.

The second product which I really loved because of its portable design was this bluetooth speaker, which for a dance enthusiast like me is a life saver. Many times we want to practice in the corner of a class we want music and bam there is no portable speaker around. This one is easy to carry in the dance class bag and has great sound quality. Whats more is that it connects to your phone and allows you to take calls, so if you want to do conference calls this can come in handy.

All in all a great Friday thanks to the guys from Artis, do check out their website.

That’s not it! 50 lucky people who sign up on pre-launch link( ) stand a chance to win Artis products too. And every registration get’s a flat 50% discount on their first purchase from

So Let’s Startup shall we?

In story, Uncategorized on August 29, 2015 at 14:57

Hahaha ;) That is probably the first reaction one gets to hear every time a budding entrepreneur goes on to share his or her idea with people he/she trusts.

Dude how will you survive without salary?

When will you sell this company?

How will you raise funds?

Do you have office space?

Several questions start shooting around from friends, families, colleagues, your vada-pav wala? Ok not Vada-pav guy he already has a start up and perhaps has answers to all your questions. How much working capital? How may people to hire? Who will be the HR, Accountant, and CEO?

All start up jobs generally have the following words “Should be a multitasker” which actually means the candidate should be able to book movie tickets for the boss on weekends, be the sales, accountant, Customer service representative, and also manage the pet dog of colleague, yeah this start up allows taking dogs to work.

Let us still accept it, we all deep down have this desire to be our own boss. Accept it we do admire these guys who are full of energy, have ideas that can start 1000 businesses but for lack of funds are pursuing only one dream right now. Despite all the problems they are positive about growing their business. Who knows one day it might be the next Google or Amazon for that matter. Their energy is infectious. Very recently I spoke to a guy who launched his start up and having interacted closely I could see the problems one faces when managing a start up, more so from the marketing perspective. His question was simple, how to effectively utilise Social Media to launch his product. When I shared his idea with my friends, they all agreed to help his startup spread the word. His campaign did well and I hope he is working on how to sustain the interest of his followers.

Like my friend, every Startup has its own unique sets of problems. We would like to lend a helping hand to these guys. The guys at Vistaprint ( came up with a funny video to highlight the problems faced by start ups. So when is your startup launching? Can you already identify yourself with the guys in the video ;) ?



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