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Valentine Day Isspecial

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No no its not the regular mushy post about what Valentines day is and what you should/should not be doing with your loved one’s. This is a post about how creative Movie promotions have become these days. I was happily tweeting about the world cup match when suddenly this tweet caught my attention

when I digged further I saw this creative, simply reminded me of 90s cassettes :D What a time that was

One only had to tag their loved ones along with a message and then wait for a musical surprise. I was like, lets give it a shot and see what they come up with. So sent across a shayari for my lady love :P

While i got busy with cricket after few hours @DumLagaKeHaisha got back to me with…..A shayari performed exclusively for me by none other than Anu Malik. How sweet a gesture to promote their upcoming movie. Doing it on Valentines Day made a lot of sense with so many Love messages clogging twitter, i think this sweet shayari did break the clutter.

Here’s the shayari thats been performed just for me by anu malik. I loved it.

Now lets hope the movie does well at the Box Office. It has Ayushman Khurana, one of my favourite actors.

Superwoman in real life

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We all have seen our mother’s, at least some of us have, giving up everything just to take care of us. Look around and you will find examples of so many women who have had to give up on their career to look after their home. Things now however are changing. And its changing for the good. Women are now educated and take their own decisions. They are no more dependent on others to decide for them. I wait to see an India where this discrimination is buried for good. An India where women will not be discriminated at work place when it comes to promotions or salary. An India where a woman is not afraid  to approach the police for help and is not ridiculed for the choice she has made when it comes to her attire, her body.

That said lets talk about this woman in my life who is all about AND and not OR. There’s a reason why she is my chosen one. Yes, I am talking about my wife. I met her at the dance class. I have always loved the way she expresses while she is on the dance floor, something I have always wanted to learn. Dance comes naturally to her, but so do other things it seems. So good at Dancing AND

She’s a woman who knows what she wants. The first instance I saw this happen was when she explained in detail her requirement to the Architect who was going to do our interiors for new flat. Thank god, I have her by my side for I could have only managed a total disaster, well almost, I did figure out how i wanted my Calvin and Hobbes room :D. So good at Interior Decoration AND

We were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Rhea in May 2014. I keep telling my wife that I am the most luckiest guy in the world for I have two women who love me loads, of course after my mom (Mummas Boy, Ting!!) Back to my daughter, where does my wife derive strength from to manage her work and this little monster as I lovingly call Rhea. Waking up at odd hours in the night and still managing to go and work is no joke. I dont think we men can handle that. I try and do my bit to ease the burden, but there is only so much a dad can do, when Rhea needs her mom she needs her mom :( . So SUPERWOMAN AND

A loving wife indeed, managing a moody boy like me can be a task I feel, I try hard not to trouble her much, she already has so much on her plate. So MY GOOD WIFE AND so much more KRUTI this took some time but it had to be done :)

972033_10151531840878061_611336854_n (1)

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55 words or less, Me She: Radio Ads I tell you

In 55 words or less on January 22, 2015 at 11:16

She: Give me the laptop, I have to order groceries

Me: Why do you need a laptop when you can order groceries on mobile from BigBasket dot com?

*Hulk Smash*

Me: Ok le lo




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