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Road Movie

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This is a movie review i wrote here.

If you are not into offbeat films, you may want to give this movie review a pass.

I have always been a fan of Abhay Deol, and look forward to his films. Maybe that’s because his movies can be harsh, in an in-your-face kind of way, and can also be very close to reality at other times. Dev D and Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye are two of his movies I’m referring to here. It was after these movies were released that I started following his movies. But, I digress… back to the movie review.

Road, Movie is based on a journey taken by Vishnu (Abhay Deol).

During his journey Vishnu goes through different emotions. At times he is having fun, at times he lusts. Vishnu learns that he should share, goes through a phase of feeling hopeless, and displays quick thinking through the course of the movie. Every dialogue in the movie is meaningful, and it takes a while to get to the deeper meaning of each sentence. Vishnu’s dad runs a small business of selling hair oil. This hair oil would become a key life saving element for Vishnu towards the end of the movie. Vishnu gets hold of an old Chevrolet Truck which contains all the equipments necessary for screening a movie. He does not intend to show movies to people, but circumstances force him to.

There are some breathtaking shots in the movie, shot in Rajasthan. Every scene looks so well composed, and aesthetically superb. Innovative camera angles and locations made me feel I was watching a movie of international standards. So, not surprisingly, the movie has been nominated for many awards. The slow pace, with excellent dialogue interspersed with patches of silence in between, and lots of things unsaid and left for the viewer to imagine just adds to that extra element of creativity.

The background score is awesome, and with not much song and dance the director has ensured that the focus is not lost. The movie touches upon various social issues like the water problem, the law and order situation, and the way women are living in the deserts of India. Like I said, the movie just touches upon these issues and these do not form the central theme, as Vishnu tries to complete his journey of 6 days.

Abhay Deol has been very well supported by Satish Kaushik, and Tannishtha chatterjee. There is also a child actor in the movie, Mohammed Faizal Usmani, who is brilliant. I have always seen Satish Kaushik doing comedy roles, and hence the role of a burly mechanic, wearing filthy clothes, and being serious, was refreshing to see. It was the first time that I was watching Tannishtha and I liked how she played the role of a Rajasthani widow. She can actually act and it is about time that our directors started using such actresses.

Road, Movie is an off beat movie that is a superb combination of creativity and acting at its best. Thank you Dev Benegal.

Rating: 4/5

  1. First !! 🙂 I like off-beat movie and I will watch this 🙂


  2. I like off beat movies..But strangely even though I wanted to, I have never been able to watch an Abhay Deol film..His films are forever on my To Do Lists..

    But hey..I miss your 55 fictions..Maybe I should dig into the Archives and read when I have time.. 😐


  3. @CG: damn you should watch soon..the three movies i mentioned here are must watch..i have recently written a lot of 55er fiction..go through them in category


  4. hey watzz up????…into movie watching and reviewing!!!…:)

    but would you mind if i share a different take!!! :)…no doubt the movie is not run-of-the-mill kind of..but Dev Benegal being Dev Benegal could have also taken the audacity to make it a silent movie…coz i felt just for the first half and the dacoit scene dialogues, other verbals weren’t really necessary.

    Hats off to the cinematographer…yes because he is a french cinematographer (or else such idealizing and finally projecting such screen aesthetics is not really everyone’s cup of tea whn the film is directed for commercial release)and that the director is deeply into World Movies is clearly proven… a desi take on Cinema Paradiso was definitely worth watching…

    but yes, again..i would not refrain from saying that what we saw was better than numerous idiotic scripts hitting the screen lately but also true is the fact that with such sensuous cinematography clubbed with equally breath-taking locale and a beautiful girl…things could have turned still better…for sure it was a refreshing break from the stupid line-up of the new releases and the forthcoming ones.

    and Abhay Deol is love him…also try watching ek chalis ki last local..he stands out…ur faith in him wont be shaken..that i can assure you..:)

    loving your movie-review posts…looking forward to more such stuff from you.. 🙂

    and in the last post “Supriya” was me..whom you know as “Priya”.. 🙂


    • @Priya: thanks for cinema paradiso 🙂 this is still on my list..will watch ek chalis only because you said so( i have heard real bad reviews about it) I want your blog url..cant find it in my google reader


  5. ek chalis ki last local mein abhay deol is fab…i mean the acting and yea…wouldn’t say the film is that bad..though i dont remember very clearly.. 😛

    my dormant blog’s url:



  6. hehe! I like abhay deol too! He’s cute… 😀


  7. The best thing I liked about the movie is its cinematography .. it takes us away from a lot of glaring inconsistencies..

    like ..

    1. Clothes of kaushik.. who wears so much clothes in the heat? one would die stifling!!
    2. Black color clothes in this heat? [ in dor even ayesha takia wears blue.. which makes sense!]
    3. the scene of mela.. did it happen or didnt it? .. if it did happen how did it disappear in the morning ? where did the ppl go in the hurry? I mean think about it.. you come u set up mela.. and then u just up and leave?
    4. The end.. after such an emotional journey.. he simply leaves those two?


    • @winnie: hi5 same here..brilliant cinematography..i thought mela was just a dream no? it was just an imagination…thats what its all about..just the emotions of vishnu 🙂


  8. I hae been a fan of Abhay before he gave us Oye Lucky or Dev D. I like him since Socha Na Tha.
    saw this movie two weeks back and loved it. It may not find many fans but it talks about a lot of things in simple and subtle way.
    I somehow didn’t quite identify with the deliberate physical attraction between Tannishta and Abhay. it lookes ‘deliberate’.

    The kid actor was superb and so were the actors who played his parents and sister.


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