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Atithi Tum kab jaoge

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A movie review i wrote here

After a hectic week it was time to relax on the weekend, and what better way than to watch a comedy. Well that is what I was expecting the movie to be. To my disappointment, this was a badly done cocktail and, to my horror, a sheer waste of some real good actors.

The movie starts with Ajay Devgan, who happens to be a film writer, narrating a movie story. A joke lifted from a Pakistani play, which I just wished they had lifted completely, than just do a rehash. There are a few scenes of Konkona Sen too, but I felt her acting talent was grossly underutilized. Maybe, the makers didn’t have enough confidence in her comic skills?

Enter Paresh Rawal who has been playing the role of an old, pot bellied comic character since Hera Pheri. Filmmakers need to get creative now – we are bored watching the same character again and again, with only the movie names changed. There is a parody of abhajan which I feel was the only high point in the movie – very well done and enjoyed by the audiences.

All the jokes dry up even before the interval. In fact, Paresh Rawal farting around in the movie repeatedly isn’t funny all the time. By this time, however, the movie has a good base to make the audience expect a decent second half.

But, never before have I seen someone commit a sin of combining comedy with tragedy. Hang on, I think the last time I saw Jaspal Bhatti do just the opposite –  he, however, was successful in making a comedy even though he tried his best to make tragedy. So, it was a real shoddy job of trying to end a decent comedy movie with a really sick tragic plot.

I’m still waiting to watch a decent comedy movie, however for those who still plan to watch this movie, my suggestion is to leave the movie hall after the first half.

Rating: 2/5

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  1. aah!! Is it that bad… I didnt have any plans of watching it but I read good reviews about it in the paper… The promos didnt appeal to me at all..


  2. oh but I liked it my bias towards Ajay and Koko 🙂


  3. hey and what’s the time stamp settings with these comments ? I posted it a 6.50 pm and it shows 1 pm ?


  4. I want some dose of Comedy. May be I will give it a shot. Will come back after watching 🙂


  5. that bad eh? i did hear some terrible reviews… u just affirmed it…


  6. Ah! you blogged for The Mag! Nice! So, something good came outta a bad movie. 🙂
    I did not like the promos and I did not like the only set (was it?) -the home, where the movie was shot. Thanks for the review. Will stay far away now. 😀


  7. hated the movie from the core…the director could have presented a better script when actors like Konkona, Paresh Rawal and Ajay Devgan were on the list.


  8. Oh..i was so looking forward to watching a good comedy movie once my exams get over and i had my eyes fixed on this one.

    Sad that its totally not worth it . sigh.


  9. now that you rip it apart so badly – i m not sure if i wanna watch it anymore!


  10. even i saw this movie! the songs made me feel like running away :p


  11. Movie was crap period. I watched only to see konkana’s comic skills. which was underplayed sadly


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