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55 words or less:Good Evening

In 55 words or less on August 9, 2009 at 21:26

He paused.

She came, dressed up in that lovely white tee.

“Bebe” it said.

Big glares were hiding the lovely eyes.

The tic-tac sound of her stilettos, created the most soothing music.

There was one more thing competing for her attention as she raced past him.

“The train arriving on platform 1 is fast local”

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  1. This is about you, isnt it! Come on admit it! Hehe ;)

  2. So what happened to him? :P

  3. i think it was the stilettos that clinched the deal..

  4. I hope they meet again :)

  5. Stilettos and soothing sound? If only they were equally soothing (and comfortable ) to wear! SIgh!

  6. heheh :D loved this one!

  7. hello..u and ur 55 words…short sweet and simple..and always bring smile on my face…

    keep writing..
    take care.. :)

  8. Stilettos and running to catch a train? Bad combination. But the shoes look so darn sexy.*Sigh*
    So did she get into the train or do we wait for a Jab We Met scene?*

  9. you are very good in this :)

  10. Lolzz… This was a Really good one , even though I had to read it twice .. but the second time round I was giggling to myself … Do check out my story time blogs too :D

  11. that was nice. :)

  12. Sheesh…can’t imaginge running in them!

  13. My first visit here (hopped over from Miss M’s) and I am certain I won’t be back in the near future. And why? because your blog was so addictive, that I read about 10 of your posts at one go! Therefore, I will have to re-charge myself before I visit again :-) Very nice blog .. keep going :-)

  14. @Pal: Thanks for the blog url finally :)
    You should mention it in the URL in form each its easier to keep track.
    Cheers !!

  15. You are getting better and better! And Boy! look at the number of comments now..increasing day by day!
    And btw, that guy shud’ve run behind her and told her that he has fallen in love with her and wants to get married to next in the mandir next to the station:D kitna maza ata ladki ka exxpression dekh ke! hehehe

  16. Nice one:-) cant catch up with all the posts due to lot of work aroud. but still try to make a point to read it…the 55 words is too good and u r getting better everyday.

  17. good one… but if they make a soothing sound , m not sure…. maybe to men they do…

    PS-regarding comments on my blog, i really dont know how…. whenevr i would know, i wud let u know…


  18. and your magic with words continues! :D

  19. I think that he thinks a lot…It is sweet that he is a thinker which can also mean that he is sensitive and diplomatic..But common now…Follow her..Get her number…Then think some more and come back and tell us all about it! :D

  20. Hey. nice one.
    btw, I am sure this has happened to you or is it your vivid imagination, sapno ki raani ? :)
    the twist in the end was good. thought they are parters first!!

  21. amazing…
    u actually knw… woman quite well…or may b u just observe them

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