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Something interesting is brewing #eknayileague

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2015 at 12:35

So yesterday I happened to read a tweet from Kapil sharma announcing that our very own Kapil Dev has finally decided to create an account on Twitter. I was more than happy to follow Kapil Dev, I like his frank yet funny views on Cricket after all.

what came next was a surprise though, Kapil Dev was talking about a new league. Well I am a fan of IPL and follow it religiously, more so also because I am a fan of Fantasy league too. There have been talks about rebel cricket league too, so I was wondering if this has something to do with that? A little more research and I landed up on these three videos by Kapil Dev




Every video was suggesting to not play with heart. Now tell me something, all boys have grown up learning always give your 100% play the game with heart, we are all emotional, play rash shots because we wear our heart on our sleeves. Suddenly Paaji, the guy who lifted the 1983 world cup comes along and tells us not to play with heart. The end result, clean bowled!

I like the hashtag #EkNayiLeague absolutely no hints as to what it is going to be about 😦 Now, I am an impatient soul and I really need to know what this new league is about. Lets look at the clues we have:

1. Kapil Dev

2. Do not play this league from the heart else you will lose

3. Paaji speaking to celebs

4. Samco a trading company is its investor

5. Kapil Dev too has invested in this venture

6. Indian Trading league thats the name of the league with a bull face


From what I have gathered from the available hints this looks like a league involving cricketers. May be it will allow people to trade their favourite cricketers in a stock market kind of set up. You can buy and sell shares of your favourite players. Lets say someone buys shares of players like Virat kohli, yuvraj singh, Dhoni and Raina. The share price will be linked to the performance of the players in question and based on the demand and supply of these players. More the player is in demand more the share price for that player.

Better the performance of the player, more people would want to keep them in their team. Perhaps it will be the market or the people at Indian Trading League who will give out dividends to shareholders based on player performance. So a Virat kohli might get you more dividends, hence more people would want Virat in their team, so price of Virat will shoot up.

Let’s see if what I guessed actually turns out to be true. I might just get lucky and win that prize haha 😀 Wait here is where you can submit your guesses

I hope Kapil dev drops some more hints and then may be we can get closer to what exactly this #EkNayiLeague is all about? What is your guess by the way?

Update: The secret is out its a Trading league for traders out there 🙂 May the best trader win

  1. Nice… I wonder why I read this though… Am quite fed up of the tv hogging that goes on in the ipl season… sheesh…
    Ps… was kicked to see you have choco blogrolled… psst… that link needs updation or removal tho…. dont belong to me no more 😐


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