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Morning and ever after

In poetry on August 20, 2013 at 16:57


Her febrile body twitched

She wanted to lie down some more

As the sunlight kissed her face

He was about to reach the door

Just then she smiled a little

He passed on her favourite wink

She woke up from her sleep

A moment when they both didn blink

She demanded her daily kiss

He played on a little

Ruthlessly the candy denied

To make the kid cry some more

And then he happily obliged


My Sunshine

In poetry on March 9, 2011 at 22:49


Its a perfect morning
As I wake up by your side
To see my sunshine smile
My day is brighter, You decide

Two minutes is all you want
As you tuck yourself in me
The hug keeps getting tighter
as its time for me to leave

That smirk on your face
Makes me wonder for a while
Pounce on me you will
This world can go take a hike

The wardrobe is now open
As you sit down all confused
“Too many”, I say is the problem
You grin and reply “Too few”

Now the rose meets the cheek
As I see you turn away
Wish I could live in this moment
Even tears now will betray

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