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In Uncategorized on December 3, 2015 at 14:12

I got home after a hard day’s work on Friday, yeah TGIF, what I did not know was a little package from the Artis Store ( that was going to make my Friday even better.


A surge protector, with enough sockets that works perfectly well with my Macbook pro laptop charger(I do not have an Indian charger). The best part about this surge protector are the two usb ports so you can directly charge your phone in case you forget your adaptor in office like me, or if your guests are having a hard time when they do not have enough charge on their phone (sorry but cannot help iphone people still), all you need is a USB cable.

The second product which I really loved because of its portable design was this bluetooth speaker, which for a dance enthusiast like me is a life saver. Many times we want to practice in the corner of a class we want music and bam there is no portable speaker around. This one is easy to carry in the dance class bag and has great sound quality. Whats more is that it connects to your phone and allows you to take calls, so if you want to do conference calls this can come in handy.

All in all a great Friday thanks to the guys from Artis, do check out their website.

That’s not it! 50 lucky people who sign up on pre-launch link( ) stand a chance to win Artis products too. And every registration get’s a flat 50% discount on their first purchase from


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