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Give me hope!

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Every morning he wakes up takes in some sunshine. Sunshine gave him hope, a hope to move forward. Not be bogged down by the past. Early morning rays filled him with energy, strength to achieve. It was going to be his day. He would take in the sunshine as he goes about observing.

There’s a mother helping his son climb on to a school bus. A friend helping his mate go on and do that extra set of bench press. There’s the swimming coach who eggs on his new student to take the plunge. Birds are on their way to forage for food for their little ones. The sound of birds chirping, the sweetest song that one could start their day with. He glances over to see his wife and daughter being cuddled in clouds full of dreams. He lets them sleep some more and gets ready for this fresh new day that awaited him.

Once done packing his lunch and fixing up his breakfast he remembers to pack his dancing shoes for the class at the end of the day. Goes back to check on his love to find his little 10 month old daughter is awake and greets him with the cutest smile he could ever see. She is busy right now trying to wake his mom up, who snuggles into the quilt. He lifts his bundle of joy and gives her umpteen number of kisses. Kisses his wife to wake her up finally. Hugs his family and heads to work. A spring in his step, lots of things on his to-do list, he was going to knock them off one at a time. No rush, just one at a time.

That’s how he wanted to wake up each day and end it with speaking to everyone in his family who stayed all across the world. Life is all about opportunities, and he wanted to make the most of it. It was such a waste of time fretting over things that did not happen, and so much better to hope and make things happen.

Everyone does have a bad day, its about how one comes out of it, stands up and delivers at the end of the day. Punch your way out of misery, struggle if you have to, crawl, but make that effort. Even if you do not achieve the result, at least you would be more closer to your goal than you were before. Seek positives, surround self with positive people, don’t let negative people drain your energy. Hang in there, keep trying, don’t be afraid to seek help, and don’t be shy to help others either. What goes around comes around and soon things will start to change for good.

Here’s to my sunshine who rock my world every morning

IMG_20150307_113134 (1)

Thank you for making me share a positive story, hope it helps make a difference.


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