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Valentine Day Isspecial

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2015 at 16:41

No no its not the regular mushy post about what Valentines day is and what you should/should not be doing with your loved one’s. This is a post about how creative Movie promotions have become these days. I was happily tweeting about the world cup match when suddenly this tweet caught my attention

when I digged further I saw this creative, simply reminded me of 90s cassettes 😀 What a time that was

One only had to tag their loved ones along with a message and then wait for a musical surprise. I was like, lets give it a shot and see what they come up with. So sent across a shayari for my lady love 😛

While i got busy with cricket after few hours @DumLagaKeHaisha got back to me with…..A shayari performed exclusively for me by none other than Anu Malik. How sweet a gesture to promote their upcoming movie. Doing it on Valentines Day made a lot of sense with so many Love messages clogging twitter, i think this sweet shayari did break the clutter.

Here’s the shayari thats been performed just for me by anu malik. I loved it.

Now lets hope the movie does well at the Box Office. It has Ayushman Khurana, one of my favourite actors.


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