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What’s your pick for Best Hollywood War Movie?

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2015 at 16:04

Twitter is a wonderful place when you want recommendations. You get genuine feedback in quick time. I love watching war movies. I was wondering, have I seen the best yet? There were few movies I had in mind, which I thought were the best. I tweeted that only to realise, there were many which I haven’t seen yet.

People tweeted some really nice movies to me with reasons as to why they were their favourite. Let me list down all for you, and then you can tell me if your favourite war movie features here? I have excluded movies based on mythology.

1.Schindlers List

schindlers list

2.Saving private ryan

saving private ryan

3.Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful

4.The Longest Day

the longest day

5.The Bridge on the River Kwai

the bridge on the river kwai

6.The Pianist

the pianist

7.I am David

i am david





10.The guns of Navarone

the guns of navarone

11.The boy in striped pyjamas

the boy in striped pyjamas

12.Pearl Harbour

pearl harbor

13.Enemy at the gates

enemy at the gates

14.Where eagles dare

where eagles dare

15.Letters from Iwo Jima

letters from iwo jima

16.Black Hawk Down

black hawk down

17.Three Kings

three kings

18.The Great Escape

the great escape

19.Apocalypse Now

apocalypse now



21.Flags of our Fathers

flags of our fathers

22.Paths of Glory

paths of glory

23.Full Metal Jacket

full metal jacket

24.Empire of the sun

empire of the sun

25.The hurt Locker

the hurt locker

26. 71-Into the Fire

71 into the fire

  1. More important, where did you get these movies from ? Torrent ? 😛


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