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Luck or Confidence?

In Uncategorized on December 26, 2014 at 15:51

Picture this, you have been waiting all your life, wishing to go and speak to that girl you love. You woke up early morning , while your roomies slept, just to catch a glimpse of her jogging around in the community park in her pink trainers.

You tried coming home early from work just so you could go for the evening walk and catch a glimpse of her taking her labrador out for a walk. You have finally figured out that she loves to dance. You went ahead and even joined the local dancing school. And just when the opportunity presented itself for you to go and ask her to dance with you, you realise, you forgot to shave!

You see how a story that was just about going towards a perfect ending, shocks you just because someone was just not prepared, right when opportunity presented itself.

How many times have you heard about people getting rejected at interviews because they have not presented themselves well. Grooming is very important at work places, and just as much in life beyond that. It tells people that you are prepared, that you will not let an opportunity slip, that you are waiting patiently to make your move.

I am a great believer of doing my part first, and doing my part right. Once i have done that, to my satisfaction, I take the results as they happen. If good great, if not I would not waste time thinking how unlucky I have been. Life is all about creating your luck, rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen.

Be it any phase of life, its important to be prepared. Opportunity does not come with a Siren on its head for us to notice. There are surely things that we cant control, but let us not miss out on opportunities just because we were not prepared to grab them when they came.

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