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Premarital sex: Yes or No?

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After contemplating over the topic for a while, having deleted several drafts, I decided- what the heck its just Sex. Lets talk about it. If we wont who will?

A quick google search revealed a Pew study on global morality conducted in 2014 concluded that premarital sex was considered unacceptable in “predominantly muslim countries” like Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt each having above 90% disapproval. Many Western European nations were the most accepting with Spain, Germany and France polling less than 10% disapproval.

What is Premarital Sex?

Till 1950s premarital sex referred to any sexual relationship between two people prior to getting married. There were no considerations that the one who had sex would not marry. Now it refers to any and every sexual relationship one has had prior to marriage. the more ambiguous terms to refer to pre marital sex are non-marital sex, adolescent sex and youthful sex.

So where do I stand on this- premarital sex?

Double standards

Lets now focus on our Indian scenario. A survey called HT-MaRS Youth Survey in 2014 revealed 61% of those surveyed it was ok to have pre-marital sex, but when it came to marriage 63% of them wanted virgins. Well the fabric of India is changing with flux of youth and our parents generation in a fine balance right now. Our parents generation are not as rigid as perhaps our grand parents generation would have been. This I do not say as a generalised statement, the point I am trying to make is, the social fabric is changing.

With the kind of exposure people have currently to all forms of media, it has created interest in sexual content that is on offer, sadly not much is available for sexual awareness. Sex is what sells, and that is what Directors in Bollywood are willing to serve. The problem happens when teenagers get influenced and want to explore, resulting in cases of teenage pregnancies. That is what needs to stop. More sexual awareness is the key to bring that down.

How can one expect to create sexual awareness without even talking about it? “SEX” the taboo associated with this word has to go. “SEX, SEX, SEX” talk about it. I still recollect back in my school days, how an NGO was kind enough to visit our class and explain the topic “SEX” to us. Even our Biology teacher wanted to just gloss over this topic.

Coming back to pre marital sex, sex premarital or marital I would say is about two individual adults, and I specify adults! Adults who are responsible for their actions. I am strictly against individuals who have no awareness about their own bodies, leave aside talking about sex. That is a strict no no. Even adults behave like teenagers sometimes, and thats when the consequences of pre-marital sex can come back to haunt someone.

Two individuals, who are conscious about their bodies, are aware about the outcome of their sexual encounter- fine go ahead. Do take care of taking appropriate precaution to avoid any kind of Sexually Transmitted Disease/ HIV (Aids)

A conscious decision taken between two individuals should not be judged. They own their bodies and they have every right to do as they please with it, within the laws of the country.

Note: This post is a part of a contest by Indiblogger for a book by Poonam Uppal called: A passionate gospel of true love

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