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Planning a kid vacation

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Ever Since Rhea was born I have been apprehensive about going for a vacation. Rhea is now 7 months old and the questions still remain the same.

“how will we manage?”

“Will we be able to enjoy at the vacation?”

“which places should we go to?”

“which places should we avoid?”

” Is it okay to take a flight?”

There were many questions I had in mind and it was only after my wife convinced me, is that I agreed. It was not before we did a Pilot. Yes, we actually tested out how Rhea reacts to long journey by taking a trip to Lonavla from Mumbai. Here are few things I would like to share in terms of how you can plan and enjoy vacation with the kids.

1. Location selection: These days the service industry has matured to a level where you have lots of kid friendly options. Even the malls now ensure there are feeding rooms available. People within service industry understand how to serve parents who carry infants/kids.

There are lots of kid friendly hotels, choose wisely. The internet is your friend. Sites like Tripadvisor have reviews that can help you to make the right selection. There are hotel chains that have kids play areas complete with attendants so you can enjoy your own time while kids play.

2. Packing kids bags: If traveling with infants carry extra change of clothes, you never know when you might need them. Carry foldable mats with extra garbage bags for changing diapers and disposing them. Most importantly ensure you are carrying enough diapers. It would be nice to find out before hand if medicine shops are close by to the place you are going to. come sin handy to find diapers.

3. Medicines: if your kid has recently had fever/cough etc it might make a lot of sense to carry those medicines with you. Believe me when your kid starts screaming you dont want to rush to the medicine store at that moment.

4. Toys: Every kid has a favourite toy/ book/ game that they love, make sure you are carrying that. It comes in handy when they get cranky.

5. Pram/stroller: Ensure you are carrying an easily foldable pram/stroller. You do not want to carry your kids along in your arms everywhere you go.

6. Be calm let kids explore: Be free, enjoy your stay with your kids. You have given them a different environment to explore, allow them to explore, while you keep a watch. Do not get mad at them when they do something wrong, you do not want to spoil their as well as your own vacation. you can keep those sermons for later once you reach home.

Most importantly dont forget to enjoy, you having a kid does not mean you should stop having fun at vacation. One life, enjoy while you are at it.


Note: this post is a part of happy hours run by Indiblogger. This is for Club Mahindra Teddy Travelogues. 



  1. So where did you finally head to?


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