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Make India Clean and hygenic

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2014 at 17:15

“Keep your surroundings clean” yes we learn that at school. We have grown up, and now we have our Prime Minister asking us to do the same. Do, we really need our PM to teach us these basics? Perhaps we do. Its painful when I interact with friends abroad and they talk about the level of cleanliness in their cities, and how Indian cities have to really tighten up their screws if they have to compete at the Global level.

Cleaner we keep our surroundings, healthier we will be. I sound like a teacher isn’t it? Well, I practice what I preach. I do not litter, one can find me carrying my own trash till I find a garbage bin to throw it, instead of throwing it on the road, like that uncle in BMW who just finds it convenient to throw a chips packet on the road. What’s the point of his education at all?

There are many who are also criticizing this campaign, saying its just a publicity stunt. Even if for a publicity stunt, I see people cleaning and making an impact, sharing videos, something is better than nothing is it not? Be positive, and do your bit, things will change for good. This Social media loving PM has found his way to connect with the youth. Selfies. Whats wrong if these youngsters are posing after cleaning up their surroundings? We will have a generation that cares about keeping India clean.

What’s more impressive is the participation by celebs who go on to nominate more people to help spread awareness on this issue by taking the matter in their own hands. Sachin Tendulkar, my icon has done it, why shouldn’t I? Thats the question most of his fans must be asking. NDTV has lined up Amitabh Bachchan to kick start this initiative. These celebs have a huge fan following, and if these fans ensure that their houses will be clean going forward, imagine the impact.

Here is a video of my icon for Swachh Bharat

Cleanliness begins at home and will help create cleaner India, and healthier citizens. Here are a few pointers that can be followed:

1. Throw garbage in bins

2. Ensure availability of bins at work place, in your own house and in your society

3. If you come across garbage pile up, get in touch with local authorities and bring it to their notice

4. Carry garbage bags when going on a picnic and ensure you collect the garbage and dispose it properly

5. Talk about it. Yes, the more we talk about it, the more awareness it will create and people will realize their duty towards this Nation , than just continuing to criticize and doing nothing about it.

6. Wash your hands before eating food, and post doing up any cleaning activity, stay healthy

7. Join local citizen groups and participate in the cleanliness drives being organized by them

8. MLAs/ MPs can help with surprise checks to keep the Municipal bodies on toes when it comes to cleanliness

9. Tag friends on social media and urge them to help build Clean India

10. Most importantly-Stay positive and do your bit

Hope as a responsible citizen you will take a step towards keeping India clean, Will you?


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