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Bigger is Better

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Before the First World War some Indian students and Freedom fighters had travelled to Germany. It was German engineering/ education system that attracted Indians to Germany and continues to do so. Back in those days Netaji Subhash chandra bose seeked Hitler’s support for India’s freedom struggle. The Germans had even financed a magazine and the broadcasting station Azad Hind. In later years people from southern part of India migrated to Germany and joined as health workers. Sikhs travelled to Germany in 1980s and formed a small community. The big change came in 2000 when German Chancellor announced the Green Card for IT professionals. and number of Indians in Germany shot up to 43k in 2003. The point I am trying to make here is, Indians have a very deep connection with Germany.

My own experience with a German has to be one with my ballroom instructor Kay Schneutzer. The first time i met Kay was back in 2010 when I went for my first Latin Ballroom Dance Competition in Delhi. It was a National level dancesport competition and organizers had managed to get a professional to judge the competition, Kay Schneutzer. I was happy to have won Gold after two months of practice. I was not expecting it. I went up to Kay and asked him for a feedback, and what he was more than kind to share his thoughts about my dancing. Years passed and now I learn in a dance school that gets its technical support from Kay Schneutzer. He visits India on a regular basis, accompanies us on our outbound activities and conducts some amazing dance workshops.

There’s a certain historical importance that Germany has, which has always made me curious about it and I am sure it makes my fellow Indians go crazy about it too. So be it the Oktoberfest



Or taking a walk around Brandenburg Gate Berlin



Or indulging in a bit of fairy tale at Neuschwanstein, Fussen


There is genuine interest within Indians to visit Germany and explore its cultural heritage, indulge in the year round festivities and visit places of historical importance.

One should have seen the amount of support Germany got during world cup from Indian fans. Indian fans love German style of Football and German players. I have been a fan of Mueller, kahn, Lahm love their dedication towards team play.



Frankfurt perhaps is the busiest airport in the world, what with so many connecting flights to Europe and beyond. Air traffic from India has been growing

The IATA in its recent report in 2013 suggested that global passenger traffic continues to expand at a healthy rate and more so from emerging markets who were leading this growth.

Air traffic to Germany has therefore increased multiple folds over the years. Lufthansa India who have been in this business in India for over 55 years realized it was time to offer Bigger and Better services to India with its new Airbus 380 .


The Airbus 380 has also introduced the concept of Premium economy catering to the Business travellers. Companies these days have been making an effort to save on cost and restricting the amount of Business class travellers. Lufthansa’s Premium economy will cater to such Business travellers, luxury at affordable price. Now thats something even non business travellers would like to experience isnt it? 😉


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