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A hug is all it takes

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2014 at 17:49

She was feeling stifled in this relationship. The numbers at work just did not look right; her target still felt way beyond her reach. Her team members kept disappointing her. Shalini never thought one day she would have to face all this. She called up Vishal, who could not take her call as he was busy in a meeting. The grey winter sky made it all the more depressing for her.

She never felt things would come to this, where she would be left stranded. Mumbai was a new city for her, she had dreamt of giving her career a new lease of life here, in the city of dreams. The fast pace of life however was not helping. Socialising, late night parties, handling her 9 month old baby, she thought she was managing it fine till today, when her world seemed to be falling apart. Just then she looked over her family picture, that smiling face of Aryan. It gave her hope. She decided to pack up early that day and rushed home. She frantically rang her house bell when her maid opened the door. Aryan was there, smiling eagerly, waiting for her mom. Shalini rushed towards Aryan to take him in her arms. Aryan had recently learnt to hug like a baby monkey holding on to its mother. The world was fine again for Shalini.

Many times we as humans ignore the power of touch by our loved ones. That smile on dad or mom’s face. That hug from younger sibling, or a pat on the back from elder brother. We take things for granted. I can still never forget the touch of reassurance from my mom, when I used to give up on studying for my exams, telling her it was of no use. I wonder what would I have been today, had she not been there. Go ahead, do not hesitate and provide that Touch of comfort to your loved one. You never know what heights it may help that special someone reach.

Note: this entry is a part of an activity by indiblogger for #BringBackTheTouch

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