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Soch lesser Khareed Quikr

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Still remember the time when we used to flip through classified ads as a part of assignment for English. The format they taught at school was not the format anyone used, but there was one basic objective- Minimum words, Maximum impact. Times have changed and now one does not even have to pay to get their ads reach people.You can use as many words as you want, you can post pictures of the items you want to sell. Today, you can start your own business by placing free advertisements on online classifieds. Opportunities are immense, these websites not only offer to set shops, they also allow people to sell items they don’t use to people who can put it to good use, at a negotiated price that suits both the buyer and the seller.

One such website is that of . I have been a bit apprehensive about buying and selling through an online classified ad. I guess some of you must be apprehensive about it too. In the past I have suggested my friends to sell the concert tickets they did not want on Quikr, and they managed to do that. I posted the ads for them and within minutes their tickets got sold. They called me asking me to remove the ad as they kept getting enquiries. I was amazed at how fast this thing works. “Click a picture, sell on Quikr”. This incident convinced me that buying and selling did happen, and that too very quick on Quikr.

My daughter is my darling doll, ever since she has been born, like all fathers I have tried to provide her with all that her mom said is needed. Our friends have been really kind enough to shower her with lots an lots of gifts. Gifts from family, friends and colleagues kept pouring. Trips to shopping mall resulted in us buying even more stuff for the baby. Be it her clothes, feeding accessories, her own accessories the list just kept growing. The result was that we ran out of space for keeping her stuff. What we needed was a wardrobe for our baby, this would help us organize her toys, her clothes and other learning tools we bought for her, all at one place.

I and my wife then began our wardrobe hunt one fine weekend. After searching for a wardrobe at two three shops, we made up our mind on buying a Nilkamal/ Celio wardrobe, but we were still not convinced by the price. I recommended that we compare the prices available online. We returned home and as it generally happens forgot about it. Come Diwali, we realized how much messy our house was getting thanks to us delaying our decision to buy the wardrobe. We finally decided to get on to internet and order, once and for all (Psst. we did this post diwali, as I was busy eating 😉 )

Types* Mumbai dot quikr dot com * and was greeted by their new commercial, they create the best matches, well for a second I thought I should hide the website lest my wife starts thinking I was getting too adventurous, but then I calmed my nerves to realise they were talking about matching Buyers with right sellers.

quikr 1

The layout was pretty neat and products were categorised well. I headed to the “Home &Lifestyle” section to look for Wardrobes in the “Home-Office Furniture” segment.

quikr 1

quikr 1

This threw at me some 1000+ results. I was like hang on, whoaa, so many people who want to sell wardrobe to me. “Calm down” thankfully there are multiple options to filter. So I headed to look for only “New” items- check, set a price range, this brought the result down to 20+ something. Phew a sigh of relief. There were ads with photographs and some without photographs. I wonder why some sellers thought I would look at their ads which do not have a photograph, would you?

Refined results from 1000+ ads to 20+

Refined results from 1000+ ads to 20+

After browsing through a few ads we contacted three dealers. This even helped us bargain for a good price. Once this was settled we placed our order with one of the dealers from Borivali (see pic below) . His ad showed multiple wardrobe options in one place. Thats how one must post an ad I would say, all information in one place, with a Cell number and not a landline to directly get in touch. Since the pictures were of only Nilkamal brand wardrobes, we were wondering if he stocked Cello too. We called him up and to our surprise he had the model we wanted from Cello. We placed our order and agreed to pay Cash on Delivery (COD). In case you are worried about pick up and delivery, you should not as Quikr has a facility for that too (see image)

quikr 1

quikr 1

The dealer we chose finally

Since we bought this from a seller within Mumbai, the product got delivered in 2 days as promised. A nice red and blue color wardrobe for my little princess. A sigh of relief for me as I have been procrastinating for months, but thanks to Quikr buying a wardrobe online was made possible. Hope this will help us in making our house more organized.

20141030_225553_resized 20141030_225630_resized

And this is how it looks after my wife set it up, of course I helped too 😀


I have never had such good experience of buying online before. Heck I never thought in my wildest dream that I will be able to buy furniture online. I saw ads where people were selling even used cars on Quikr. My suggestion is to check the price once on Quikr before you buy anything, you might be surprised to see the kind of stuff people are selling on Quikr.

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