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It was not until Rhea had her first bout of cold that I realised the importance of how the health of a child determined the happiness of the family. Rhea happens to be the only child in our family and hence the doting parents were naturally worried to the point of rushing her to the doctor who seemed totally cool and calm about it.

Despite the prescribed medicines, which Rhea obviously spitted out, things did not seem to work too well. I was getting a bit edgy and annoyed at the doctor, who said come after 6 days if the cough does not subside. I was even trying to figure out how in the world did Rhea catch cold even though she stayed inside most of the time. Rhea kept waking up in her sleep late at night crying, unable to breahte properly. After three days i decided it was enough and took her to the doctor again.

The doctor said that the cough had become severe and changed the medicines. I felt like strangulating the doctor but then controlled myself. He was only doing his job, and he had taken good care of Rhea since she was born. These doctors work at ungodly hours sometimes and I do have a soft corner for them when it comes to these issues.

After learning my lessons the first time around, when Rhea kept spitting the medicines out, I googled to search for ways to administer medicines. After scanning through multiple websites, I learnt multiple methods and was successful in making Rhea have her medicines. Twitter also helped, by providing suggestions.

Wife was also worried, and work also took a toll on both of us. Thankfully we had my MIL help us during this tough time. Every time Rhea coughed perhaps made both of us sad. We could see how she was struggling to breathe properly. The worst was watching her cry in her sleep because she could not breathe. Little things in life, which we ignore sometimes, actually happen to be key to our happiness. Like in this case the health of your child. Precaution, prevention is perhaps key to ensure a family stays healthy, and this automatically translates into a happier family.

I am a great believer of a healthy body means a peaceful mind, this leads to happiness. This was reinforced by this incident. I have already planned to make Rhea start early with Yoga and naturally healthy food options. Make it more interesting for her to make healthier food choices so going forward she can have a healthy body. I even plan to make her start early with flexibility exercises so she will not have to struggle like me to get splits, which will help her have a healthier body. What are the healthy things you do for your child?


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