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The Attack

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The moment Roohie left, Jennifer was too curious to wait and discuss it with Shekhar She decided to hack the email address and learned these were sent by someone named Aryan to an Italian email address.

“Holy creeps. Has Shekhar already figured this out? Jennifer continues to dig into the emails.


Meanwhile Tara gets a call from an unknown landline number. She picks up thinking it might be one of her sources and it is.

“Not time to explain, attack on PM soon” Gunshot on the phone and the source is dead.

The shooter picks up the line on which Tara is shouting “Hello, Hello, Are you okay”

Shooter threatens Tara “Whoever you are start counting your last days. We will find you soon and kill you”


Tara cries in anger and bangs her leg on the table. The defense staff hears the THUD and they run towards her. “Is everything alright mam?”

“Am fine! Rushes to the washroom to calm down and think what to do next.


“I cannot go to the police as they won’t believe me”. What if they figure out it was me on the phone? I have to keep Roohie safe and out of this.

“This cannot be happening to me. These are terrorist’s not local criminals. I need full protection for myself and my family”

“But I can’t tell anyone about this. There will be panic everywhere and I will be the center of attraction. I will be interrogated”

What if it was a fake threat? I can’t trust just a phone call to disclose the news of an assassination attempt on PM. What if the source is still alive and fled from the situation?

I should wait probably he will call me again.

Perspiring out of anxiety and fear she picks her phone and dials a number.

Meanwhile Jennifer is busy decoding the series of emails. She finds three images which look like mirror images of alphabets.

And the three alphabets are ‘P’ ‘M’ and ‘X’.

Another email says (12 + 3).

“No no no no. this is not good”


Overlaps third alphabet with the first two together (PM crossed with X)

“There is an assassination plot of the PM” she doesn’t know what to do next.


Picks up her phone and dials a number.

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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