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Roger That

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Shekhar was back home with Roohie waiting for Tara to be back home. They had just finished dinner and Roohie was yawning hard to be awake.

“Why is mommy still in office? I am feeling very sleepy”

“Let’s get you to bed darling. I will wait for your mom. She is busy with work today”

Shekhar kisses her forehead as he puts her on the bed and covers her with blanket “Sleepwell baby”

Shekhar’s Phone rings in the drawing room. That would be Tara he thinks.

Jennifer calling. Picks up to hear her trembling voice “The PM is going to be attacked soon”

“Did you know about this sir?”

“What?” gives a shocking reaction.

“I need details right now. Where are you? Where did you get this intel from?” yells at her on phone.

Jennifer explains: “From you sir. Roohie was playing with a puzzle on a scribbled note with your handwriting on it” I decoded it and hacked the email address”

“How did Roohie….” Before he could finish its Tara on the waiting line.

“It’s Tara on the line and she is not home yet. I will have to call you back”

Disconnects and picks Tara’s call. “Hey Honey! I have been waiting for you. What time are you leaving?”

Tara speaks softly “Listen to me very carefully Shekhar. One of my source was probably killed while he was trying to call me just now. Before he hung up he mentioned of an assassination attempt on PM very soon. I don’t know if this is a real threat but we need to be strong as a family and protect each other. And do not speak to anyone about this. Do you understand?”

“OMG! Shekhar  acts surprised. “Are you okay, get home as soon as possible. Everything is going to be fine. I will not let anything happen to us. You get back here now”

Shekhar disconnects and calls Jennifer back

“I need those emails right now. And I need you to make the Delhi trip tomorrow and get done with whatever goddam business you have” This is a national crisis. Be back in a day” understood

Jennifer is hurt by the way Shekhar ordered but she knows it’s a serious situation and replies “Roger that Sir”


Cyrus is waiting on the airport with flowers and chocolates. Jennifer walks out of the airport in the same floral skirt looking exactly like Anne and smiles back.

“I am so happy to see you Anne” Kissing her on the cheek and giving flowers.

Jennifer hugs him back and they head to a nearby restaurant.

After listening to all Cyrus had to say about Anne and how they met in Kerala and had fun dating, Jennifer realizes he had no idea where Anne was and it was a waste of time to see him.

Jennifer pretends getting a call and walks out of the restaurant acting to search for network.

Quickly catches a cab and heads back to the airport to get on the next flight to Mumbai.

Makes a call to Shekhar – “Sir I am at Delhi airport and taking the next flight to Mumbai. Once I am back we will find who is behind this and kill them”

Shekhar feeling  sorry for Jennifer as he reads it in her voice that she did not get what she was looking for, replies : “Roger that”

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”


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