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Rendezvous in Italy

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Team : The Maverick X

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Post those riots, Aryan fled to Canada. Getting a Cash job was easy in Canada, be it at a retail store or working at a restaurant. He did all that till he managed a drivers license. The guys at the local Gurudwara were helpful. It was a close knit community. For Aryan this was family now. They took good care of him. He did miss his sisters and his mother, but not his father. Riots had completely wiped out his family, but not his memory. He had trouble sleeping. Images of his burning house haunted him every night. He could still hear the shrieks of his mother and his sisters, What had they done to his family? Why was his family targeted? His father had asked him to chop his hair before he could leave for Canada. Things did not make sense back then. But now he understood- HATRED. It resonated with him very well.

Aryan got himself a job at Unicity Taxi . Most of the cabbies were Indians. Most visitors he dropped from the airport were Indians too. They kept coming, it was as if Canada was becoming a second home for Indians. Whats with so many Indian restaurants? He liked it in Canada till one day a visitor was going to change his fortune. This Italian who had just exited airport in his Armani suit headed straight for his Limo. Aryan was right behind the Limo waiting for the next customer, just then in his side mirror he saw someone from the crowd rush towards the Italian with a GLock G17. Aryan opened his door and the man ran right into it to fall. Aryan had immobilised this guy before he could recover to get hold of his gun again. The Italian impressed by Aryan who had saved his life, took him to Italy.

Aryan never in his wildest dreams had imagined that he would land up in Italy. He had seen this country only in the Bollywood movies. In Italy Aryan indulged and his boss ensured he does, for Aryan was soon going to be one of his trusted men to carry out operations back in India. Women, drugs, crime soon followed for Aryan. Leaving behind the man he was in India, Aryan was reborn. Now the most feared men of Italy. Kidnappings, protection money collection all came naturally to Aryan. He was now the Dons right hand man.

Once while on his way to meet his boss at DonMecannica Aryan bumped into Cyrus at the coffee shop.

“Are you from India?” asked Aryan

“Yes, man how did you figure that out?” wondered Cyrus.

Aryan happy that his guess was correct said “Well that Parsi complexion was a clear hint buddy. Do you work here?”

“Nah, I dont work here, I just have fun” smirked Cyrus “Well my Boss is so awesome he just lets me have fun, and by having fun I mean designing defence vehicles, aircrafts and what not, that is fun to me”

“Whoaa that sounds cool buddy, see you around” Aryan was getting late, he had to meet his boss for a special assignment. Cyrus too was on his way to attend a meeting with his Boss, an assignment for India.

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”


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