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Game of Blogs Chapter 5: Waves Within

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Team: The Maverick X

Cyrus had already smoked up his last packet. The ashtray was overflowing with some of it spilling over his bed. He could not recollect the time as the light from his laptop screen lit his face. This was routine. Penning down his thoughts before he would drop like a leaf into a slumber. Something was bothering him deep down inside. His life had moved too fast for his liking. He was hoping to have finished this one last assignment before meeting Anne. This assignment was going to take long.

1st September 2014

He sure has the power to throw us in the dumps and lift us back. Every time I had thought I have found that special someone I have been wronged. How stupid have I been in trying to seek, in trying to run after that elusive thing called “Love”? Just when I thought all was lost, and gave it all up, this Vacation happened.

What do I tell her about my family though? Will she ever understand, why I am what I am today? Perhaps I should answer her questions about why I am so quiet when I am with her? Do all fathers behave the way mine does? Force his views on his kids?

Moving out of Delhi was the best thing that could have happened. That first job in Mumbai, Oh you already know that was just a sham dont you? How relieved was I when that NID admission confirmation did not land up in their hands? But, did it really matter? Were my parents even bothered about what I was doing with my life? NID did set me free. Father did try to kill my passion in art, but it survived. I allowed it to breathe, breathe some fire into me. Situations make a man Rebellious, and its not a bad thing trust me. Had it not been for that day, when I decided to pursue design, I would have never have been where I am today.

I have traveled. An Italian passport does take you places. This job has allowed me the luxury to do so, with my own hard earned money. No, I am not showing off. Just stating the facts before you, I am not dependent on his mercy anymore. Whatever little control he had, I freed myself from it ages ago. I still cant forget the day I was interviewed by the DonMecannica guys. Never in my life had I been so confident. It was as if I was born to design aircrafts. Everything I had read about Italians was coming out to be true. That whole bond of being a part of family. Where else does one see the head of a company treating every employee like their own God son? I have heard stories about the DonMecannica guys, but so what? Their methods may not be noble, but their intentions are. These guys are family to me. When my own did not care, they remembered me, supported me. Its time for redemption, and I just cannot let my family down. I will seek forgiveness later.

I laugh at self today at the thought of being back in India. The world has moved on, but things in this country stay the same. On all my businness trips I have never used short cuts, but looks like this time I will have to make an exception. These buggers do not move files as quickly as my bosses at DonMecannica would like. Little bit of palm greasing is acceptable, but looks like I will have to try something more than that this time. A little jolt and it should all fall in line. It worked in Mexico. It should work here too.

Would Anne approve? Perhaps she will understand. And its anyways for just one last time! again.

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”


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