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Keep calm, keep staring at your screen

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2014 at 10:55

Well if the title did not tell you what I am going to talk about, nothing will. Screens all around, laptop screen, mobile phone screen, desktop screen, your own smart tv screen, what keeps you hooked?

As a child I have always been fascinated by puzzles, and strategy games. Guess it had a lot to do with watching dad come home from work and play chess with his colleagues at home over a cup of tea. I would rush in post my batting stint in evening (who liked bowling anyway 😉 ) and watch dad move weird looking chess pieces on checkered boards. He taught me that what looked like an oversized cylindrical eraser to me was actually Elephant, and that the King had lesser powers than the queen, made sense.


Who hasn’t stayed up all night playing the strategy game “Ages of Empire”? I have skipped lunch, homework being hooked on to that game. Eaten in front of the computer screen, with Mom shouting in the background. There is a great thrill that these strategy games bring, they give the player a great sense of accomplishment. My current favourite is 2048 that keeps me hooked on my phone. I can spend hours trying to achieve that magical figure of 2048 by moving tiles. Have you achieved it yet?


Every strategy game enthusiast knows that such games are best when backed by powerful processing and graphics. Asus Transformer book T100 (here: ) is one such Ultraportable Laptop with a 10 inch tablet. This ultra light and handy laptop is backed by Intel atom quad core processor and Windows 8.1. Intel® Gen7 Graphics will enhance your strategy gaming experience.


Just imagine in the midst of working on that boring office assignment, pulling out your tablet and enjoying your strategy game for a while, recharging yourself, and getting back on the job, aint it awesome? The best part about Asus T100 is its AFFORDABLE at Rs 32,999 (Best buy price). Its for GAMING ON THE GO. Walk into that café, plug it in, play the game over a cup of coffee, bliss.


Sometimes what gets irritating for a gamer is the battery that games consume, don’t fret, ASUS T100 comes with an astounding 11 hours of continuous web browsing that keeps you connected longer and always in action. It also comes with the accelerated ASUS Instant On and Microsoft InstantGo technology, that helps you to use it whenever you are ready to go.


With its luxurious yet durable design, you don’t have to worry about the sturdiness of this gaming gem. Its beautiful surface concentric glossy features glossy circles that please the eye. The soft but durable rubber helps you get a grip on this cool laptop. It surely is heaven sent for the GAMER ON THE GO!!!

  1. Hi I am a technology writer however I love only Age of Empire the most it is the best. Amazing post.


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