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Mumbai meri jaan

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The first memory I have of Mumbai or rather Navi-Mumbai is that of a kid who could not understand why he had to go in a bus on nearly 2 hour long journey just to reach school. Or why the kids who were in his school, not staying close by. Slowly he grew up made friends, learnt team sports, village sports, fishing, trekking (well yeah those were the days when trekking was possible in Airoli), and jumping in the dirtiest ponds because his friends did too.


I did not know that the city will call me back again and i was going to be amazed this time around, Why you ask? after staying for nearly two decades in delhi, and watching Delhi transform rapidly, I was going to learn one term that would rule my life from then on “ADJUST”. I found everything expensive, especially the food, high rentals, matchbox flats. There were times that I felt like running away, back to Delhi. However it took only an year to realize there was more than “ADJUSTING” and slowly I discovered with all other friends who had come down from different parts of India to study MBA with me, that it was fun to share a vada pav and ginger tea while it poured. That it was absolutely ok to walk up all drenched to the beach and back to the hostel. That there were autorickshaws who used Meter (surprise for someone from Delhi i am sure). The list is endless. But one thing I always admired about this city was its PEOPLE. People who were focussed, people who knew how to work hard and party hard. People who would encourage and just let you BE.


Perhaps the most wonderful gift was yet to come, something that has changed my life forever DANCE. It was here that i met Sandip Soparkar for the first time when i got introduced to the world of Latin Ballroom dancing. I cant thank him enough. It was here that i met my current instructors Diago Pereira  and Reesha Dhulap. The city has i guess 1000 dance schools ( i exaggerate 😉 ), dont think anywhere else there is so much focus and encouragement available for art forms.



There is Prithvi theatre which i guess does not have any parallel in India and then there is NCPA.How much i love going to these theatres enjoying food having a discussion with friends over a cup of tea. So many movies might have been planned at Prithvi i guess Image



Stand up comedy, theatre, dance performances this city has it all, and yes yummy food options too. People come here to realise their dreams, and the city never disappoints, not everything might be that rosy about the city but then which city does not have its own share of problems? No, wonder i have decided to settle down here because I love my dancing and yes i love the People here.

  1. I can totally relate to the Delhi lad *Adjusting* in a city like Mumbai scenario. Especially the food part! This read made me nostalgic and now I miss Mumbai rains even more (especially at Marine Drive or South Mumbai, to be precise).


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