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That awkward posture?

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Before I joined ballroom dancing, I happened to read up a little bit on Dos and Don’ts of a couple dancing format. Ask the lady for a dance, lead her on and off the floor, and most important for GOD SAKE- DONT SMELL. Carry a deodorant, chew a gum before you start a class, and I shouldn’t even say this but- TAKE A SHOWER

The fact that one dances very close in couple dancing, should be reason enough for dancers to work on themselves, their personal hygiene. I mean how much does a deodorant cost? Its not even 5% of what you have paid to join the class is it not? And some even go to the extent of not taking a bath in Winters? I mean really what on earth makes you think your partner is? You want him to dance with masks on like really?


I happened to be at the receiving end with one such partner, who smelled awful. I tried looking away from her and danced the Tango for some time. My instructor was super impressed with my posture since i was dancing the International tango very well and constantly looking away from the partner. What he did not know was my plight, of holding my breath and dancing the entire song with my partner.

At first I was hoping my instructor would change my partner, but when that did not happen, I had no choice but to excuse my self and bring her a pack of chewing gum. I knew she might have felt bad, but hang on I thought it was the most polite way to tell her that she needs to take care of not herself, but think of her partner too.


And hang on my friend, before you think that I am generalizing, its not just women, There are men too who think sweat is cool, and that they dont need to work on themselves. If you plan to ask a lady out to dance with you, make sure you smell perfect. That ways you will avoid being a labelled by girls as “Stinking beast”, and girls will stop turning down your request to dance.

Note: This post is an entry for a contest by Indiblogger by Racold. You can follow them here

Racold guys have created an interesting video to drive home the point

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