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Book Review: 12 waves from the Ocean

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2014 at 16:58


This book is a short collection of Poems and short stories by Avantika Kaushik. The book is available only on Kindle app from the Amazon store and will get printed in future.

What i really loved about the book was that its really short (read 23 pages) so you can read it in a jiffy 🙂 something readers like me will enjoy who can barely get through a 100 page book in a month. The poems and the stories look at what happens around us. One can relate to most of the instances the author has tried to describe in the book. It looks at different kinds of relationships we may have had at some point in our lives. It talks about love, the expected love, the love shared between a prostitute and her son, of confused minds. 

The author has left some stories/ and poems for the reader to interpret it their way, the way they want to. I love it when the author challenges the reader to decipher meanings in poetry and does not dish it out on platter.

I wish though that the book was formatted and edited properly and had few images to help the reader enjoy it better 😀 I love images yeah, too much text makes me drowsy 😛


You can buy the book here


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