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Knowledge is Great

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Information is not knowledge.
Albert Einstein


Blessed are those who have the means, and can exercise their choice to learn what they want to. I have always believed that one gift every parent must give their child, is the choice to allow them to learn what they want to. World over its a rat race, and every new child born today is a potential rat for tomorrow.

Its time to break the rules and move forward, promote learning based on potential, rather than rote learning that will create mediocre individuals for future. Not everyone is an Einstein, there are some Beckham’s, some Ronaldo’s, some Tendulkar’s out there. Let them pursue what they want to in life, and then see them blossom.

After being a part of this rat race, one evening I sat down, and had a conversation, with myself. Where is this taking me? Is this really what I like doing? Back in 2009 January is when i decided to start learning what i always wanted to- Salsa dancing. It was perhaps the most crucial decisions of my life, something that has helped me to now go on and learn about ten to twelve different dance forms in Latin Ballroom.

As i started learning slowly i realised how the facilities and trainers in India were struggling. Latin ballroom dancing in India is still at a nascent stage. “Dancesport” the word itself is alien to most people across India. Thats when i decided I wanted to promote this dance form across India. I actively promote it through social media and encourage friends and strangers alike to go ahead and learn this beautiful dance form.


Its out of love of this dance form that I want to learn this dance form and some more dancing at Bucks New University. I want to do their BA (Hons) in Dance and Performance. They have one of the best performance labs in the country, and I will have access to dance training in styles such as Ballroom, Latin American, Rock and Roll, Lyrical Dance Movement, Commercial Jazz and many more.

Bucks New University

As a dancer I want to focus on performance which is what this course focuses on.   The definition of performance can be wide and varied, and performance is developed by the exploration of varied dance genres, the social context and potential of dance performance, scenography, and dance and media. The school has great understanding of making the student learn the intricacies of their own body and translate it into performance on stage. I will have a chance to learn various disciplines ranging from street dance, through latin american, ballroom to commercial dance techniques.

The university has a state of the art dance studio, performance laboratory and gymnasium to enable me to practice a range of dance performance activities as well as develop understanding of levels of fitness required for a performer.


It will help me to become a thinking practitioner, which will help me make an informed career choice with a broad knowledge of the dance industry, range of techniques and the ability to manage my career in dance going forward. This school gives an opportunity to those who have a passion or interest in dance, in any area to realise their aspirations.

The best part is the programme also has a strong teaching focus and will provides me with an opportunity to take external professional teaching qualifications with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) which has strong links to the University.  The programme also equips students with core employability skills as well as enterprise development for those wishing to start up their own business.  Through this strand of the degree, I will have the opportunity to work externally on my own project in the community or engage with professional companies to gain vital links and experience with industry professionals.


The programme gives students access to:

  • Specialist equipment, including the isokinetic dynamometer to measure and facilitate the improvement of the way in which the body performs during dance performance.
  • Studio time for individual development.
  • Outstanding dance, sports, and performing arts facilities
  • Use of our Human Performance Laboratory.
  • Regular Master classes in a range of dance styles and fitness styles with industry professionals.
  • Access to external dance and fitness projects.


And this will help me realise my dream.

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  1. Hey, after a long time I am back on the blogspot! Nice post! I love dancing and I feel it is a must in this world. Cheers!


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