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Coorg : Orange County Trip

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When you have a childhood dream, you need to realise it as soon as you can. Thats when my wifey said that she wanted to visit “Orange County Only” like a good husband who was i to say no. “Only private pool villa will do!” Okay again. Perhaps the best pre-anniversary gift i could have ever hoped for.

I was wondering what this whole fuss was all about, i mean its just a resort at the end of the day right? So i decided to look at the website of orange county and..i was literally blown away. I immediately applied for leave and was excited for this trip. Since the disastrous experience of booking through makemytrip for our philippines trip, my wife is the designated tour planner in the house. Yours truly did manage to book a cab from (excellent service and price)

There’s a rule in the house, we love travelling by Indigo, because they are always on time…well almost, and that ensures you start your trip on a good note. We landed in Bangalore, stayed at my sister’s place. The cab was right on time early in the morning and thus started our trip to Orange County. There are two ways to go to Orange county, via Bangalore (longer but comfortable route) and via Mangalore (shorter but roads are not that good is what i have heard, so check). Our first stop was at Kamat restaurant. Nicely done open restaurant, with all the waiters in traditional white lungi. They had option of buffet breakfast too. We opted for some idlis, and that surely was the best choice we could have made. For we were served the most amazing Idlis we had eaten ever. Rolled in a leaf, steaming hot idlis early morning were heavenly.


Bangalore to Orange County is approximately a 6 hour drive. we started at 6am in the morning, halted just for breakfast and withdrawing some cash at the atm( which took me 30 mins, and the atm machine loved my card so much it did not return it, thats another  story). We made it to Orange county by about 1.30 pm . Its only towards the end of the journey say about 10-12 kms or so that the road is really bad. So make sure you book an Innova or an SUV for a comfortable ride.

The moment we stepped out of the cab, the staff welcomed us with the traditional drums ( i found it damn embarrassing, wife loved it though 😉 ). Orange County has the most hospitable staff ever ever ever and i can say it like thousand times over. Not just one but their entire staff who seem to have been trained to genuinely make the stay of their guests their most memorable experience ever.

More often than not its how the staff is that makes a whole lot of difference to your vacation when at a resort, dont you think?

Orange county is fully eco-conscious resort where no plastic bottles are used. Even your rooms have such cool water dispensers


Here are some pictures of the Private pool villa we stayed at


We took a package from Agoda that gave us a good discount on Private pool villa. Orange county also has an option without the pool. Their honeymoon package includes a nice dinner on top of a tree house. Do check out the options on their website as they have nice stay options for family, couples, and large group.

The resort has around 65 such cottages and the good thing is they do not plan to increase it. Its a part of coffee plantation reserve and they take you on a nature walk where they tell you about coffee, history of coffee and its good fun.



Relive your childhood, bubbles from Jatropha leaves


Every night there is a small cultural show organised at Orange County. A nice bonfire under starlit sky, lots of strangers yet happy people makes a nice atmosphere, just before dinner.ImageImageImage


The package that we took allowed us to dine at any of the three restaurants at Orange County: Peppercorn ( the sizzler and barbecue place), Plantain Leaf (Vegetarian Paradise) and the Granary ( a mix of Indian and continental food ) . Foodies that we are we ensured we ate at all three. The food was simply amazing at Orange County, they spoil you like crazy to eat 😀



Tip: Always book your table well in advance if you want to eat with a lake side view at Peppercorn.

Orange county has lots of activities lined up for you that you can register for at Orange county (no extra charge) like Nature walk, Eco walk, Village tour on a bicycle (includes pottery making), activities for kids, Boat ride in cauvery river, Bird watching. You need a minimum of 3 days to be able to enjoy all these activities. The resort is nice and peaceful, there is a nice reading room and play area too where you can play indoor games. Cottages are lined up beautifully along side a lake on one side and on the hill on another.


To keep the resort environment clean you have cool buggy, you will love the ride on this buggy, or if you love walking they have nice trail all across the resort just for you.

We decided to go and visit the usual we see on the websites (like the must see, must do list) So we headed to Rajas seat (got thoroughly bored, i loved my time at the resort so much). Just keep may be 30 mins closer to the sunset time for making a trip to this place. I felt it was not worth all the effort, i loved the resort so much.


After checking out from Orange county we headed to visit a Monastery that was on the way back to Bangalore. The Monastery is really beautiful. Friends later told me that there are many more unexplored monasteries closer to that area.


It does get cold in December so carry appropriate clothes, go there with a view to relax and soak in nature as much as you can 🙂


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