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Platinum Day of Love: Man on knees- almost

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It was a week since he had seen her. Her smile still etched in his memories, when he gave her some tips in dancing. Deep down he thought she must be feeling awkward with a barrage of dancing tips he gave. But then that was what he had loved doing, that was what helped him stay afloat. So many times betrayed, he found discipline and love in Dance. He had thought over this whole day. Should he risk it? Should he risk it just one more time?

Her pictures on the wall were now floating right past his eyes. He felt a strong pull in his legs being rooted to the bed where he rested. He had told himself time and again “Never again”. That calming voice of just a simple “thank you!” was it enough to let his guard down once again? Her eyes, that spoke the truth.

Stay where you are in comfort

And you will lie there forever

Risk it for once with trust

and let life blossom all over

And so he decided to risk it. One Last time. Again!

It kept drizzling that evening. He still decided to pack his bags and make it to the dance class. With his t-shirt almost drenched, he stepped out, with his carefully packed jeans and tee for the night. Her class was about to end as he nearly skidded his way into the class. His eyes were searching for her, did she skip the class today? She had been weak, but today was not the day to skip!

There she was, tiny frame lost in between towering figures, only his eyes could have found her. After the usual exchange of pleasant smiles he popped the question, which was more like a coercion “See you at the social”.

“Ya sure, i am a bit scared but fine”

“Why scared?” he asked

“I’m not that good as you” she smiled.

He kept blushing. That evening he felt all alone smiling at every partner that he danced with. People did notice the change in him. He felt like that teenager he was before, who penned his heart out in his diary over and over again. He never thought it will come back to him, this feeling.

That night at the social, he felt confident to walk up to her and ask “Shall we dance”. The music kept the pace with his steps for he was dancing to her tunes, than lead her on floor. He only stopped when she looked at him and smiled. She had to leave.

Back in his room with a song on his ipod watching her dance on the wall, he kept thinking how crazy he has been. It was the beginning of a never ending dance. God had played it perfect with this dancer who just Waltzed her way into his life, and he could not stop dreaming how they were dancing on the curves of this infinite bond. It was his magical moment, so pure, so rare it had never been better, it felt like an angel had touched him to go out and fulfill his dreams. As rare and pure as platinum, her loving eyes and smile had comforted him enough to start believing in Love again!  His eternal love he knew was here on his Platinum Day of Love .



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