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Why I love blogging?

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2013 at 16:12

Well looks like it would need a contest ( )for me to come back and write a post is that so? :O Well oh well i would be honest yes it is a contest, where I have to share as to why I love blogging? Piece of cake, isnt it? Well thats what i thought it would be until i actually sat to pen down my thoughts.

Why do we blog? Can you tell me?

I don’t know about you, but it takes me back to my days spent in Chennai as a Software Engineer. Away from home, and away from my friends who were enjoying the comfort of newly rented 3BHK in Secunderabad, I was sulking in heat and lack of decent food. I read about blogging through a news article. I thought I should give it a shot. Those were the days, of writing into emptiness. Venting out frustrations. Speaking into darkness. Talking to self. Not bothering about if anyone read what i wrote.It was very relaxing. And then popped the first comment email. It was an encouraging one from a friend who landed on the blog.

Before i could realise i had started blog hopping. From one blog list to another. Reading posts, reading about people, their lives, their insecurities. It gave a sense of comfort i dont know why. Soon enough I had built a network of bloggers. I joined Indiblogger and other similar blogging groups that helped me enhance my blogging skills. They pushed me to continue writing. 

I stumbled upon genres like “55 words or less” which i enjoyed to the max. Poetry that till now were read only by me, were appreciated by bloggers. It gave a great sense of satisfaction, of being able to express myself through this medium. It was nothing less than being given wings to fly and to write what you felt like. Expressing opinion was much easier now, and you were heard. For anyone who still has doubts about the power of blogging needs to just read about Malala.

I met some really interesting people through blogging, fitness enthusiasts, musicians, bloggers who went to pursue writing as a career. Every one enriched everyone and it was this close knit community feeling that ensures you feel protected, and continue to express your views.

So, dont wait anymore and get on with typing your very first post !




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