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We as Indian’s love bollywood. Its a part of our life. There is a little bit of an actor in all of us. We have strong views about movies. Most of us as kids have thought of becoming actor once in our life. Even while watching a cricket match in the stadium when the camera focuses towards us we love the attention, we love watching ourselves on the big screen. Every friday when a new movie is released we want to catch the first show, come out and then discuss it with our peers.

“The director was not good”

“The acting was great”

“Maybe he should have revealed the twist only in the end”

My point being, we always wanted that one chance to be a part of movie, be it acting or making a movie, writing the script. So And pictures gave the people just that chance which they were looking for. They provided an opportunity to the common man to write the script for the movie, plot, cast, director and producer provided by AND Pictures.

The movie was promoted heavily using social media platform by holding contests on Twitter and Facebook right from providing a title to the movie to writing the script for the movie, never before the Indian cinema lover had this opportunity. The winners got a chance to win fabulous android tablets as prizes, now that was a really cool incentive. 

The entire movie was made in a week in three stages

Stage 1: August 5-6: Naamkaran: the hunt for the title

Stage 2: August 7-9: Kahaani me tweet: where participants had to write the script for the movie

Stage 3: August 12: the movie premiere

So on August 12 AND pictures managed to release world’s first movie written by the people, or as i call it the most democratic movie ever, so what are you waiting for go watch the movie here.


  1. This was hilarious. Great concept!


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