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Day 1: Durex Experiment

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Trip to Venice started on a really good note, guess what we managed to book a TAB CAB (drum rolls). Yea, considering that for past 6 years that i have lived in this city, this was the first time we actually managed to book a cab 😦 so that explains the celebrations. Anyways after an agonising wait at the immigration, because a government employee has to take a pee break every 5 minutes, we were on our way to Veniceeeee :D. Thanks to Durex that booked us on Emirates, the journey was awesome.

We landed in Dubai, our first stop and were amazed by the infrastructure of Dubai airport, good lord it has a train running inside the airport :O . Some mandatory pictures were clicked at the dubai airport:


Sleepy heads 😛 boarded another Emirates flight to Venice. This was a longer flight, and we decided to rest for some time. After landing in Venice, we found a very sweet female holding the Durex placard, and then it happened, click click click so many photographers at the airport whoaaa, that was some experience.

We met a couple from Poland at the airport and we were supposed to travel with them to the Hotel (There is more about the Polish couple that would be revealed in posts later). After a really long walk, (and i dont know why i was expecting we will be travelling in a cab) we reached a BOAT 😀 an awesomeeee Boat ride was in store for us wowww. We travelled with Adam, who told us a bit about the event, the city. We were slowly soaking in the city. Some pictures from the boat ride:



We reached our Hotel where we would be staying for the next 4 nights, Hotel Hilton Stucky that looks nothing less than a castle, right at the edge of the island.



After being ushered in by Adam to the registration desk, where we were greeted by the Durex team, also we had some champagne to enjoy.

I and my wife decided to quickly change and take a walk, after exploring the place, admiring the architecture of the houses for about 30 minutes we came back to the hotel and rested since we had a cocktail dinner to attend in the evening.

We dressed up for our first event organized by the Durex team and headed to the Skylounge bar where the cocktail was organized. [I will keep mentioning again and again, how helpful and caring the durex team were throughout the trip. They actually made us feel like celebrities.] This was the first time we got to meet couples from about 24 different countries. Complete strangers, different cultures, bonded together by nothing but Love. I wish political leaders across the world could learn a bit from the couples at the Durex event. The atmosphere of the dinner was very casual and allowed everyone to gel and bond slowly. Everyone was representing their country and was proud to have made it to Venice, also lucky 😉

Volker (Reckitt Benckiser’s Global director) was a really cool guy to meet actually, no hang ups, he was real fun and that helped couples to open up and talk about why they were here, what everyone was expecting would happen. It was also time to meet Susan relationship expert (a real gem of a lady) and Brendon and Paul (thrill engineers, really passionate about the work they did). Also, personally we met a couple from Serbia, that we didn know will become really good friend of our’s in future.

After some drinking, bonding with other couples and some awesome food, we retired for the night as we were going to have a really long day the next day. Enjoy the view from the skylounge bar and i will come up with Day 2 post soon. This is the view at 8pm night from skylounge


  1. Whoaaaa!! Awesome!! 🙂

    Haha 8pm and its broad daylight. Summertime in Europe and surrounding places is like that!


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