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Book Review: Beaten by Bhagath , S.V Divvaakar

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We need not always win, there is fun in struggle. Sometimes we focus so much on the end result that we fail to enjoy the process. This is what I think is the key take away from this book.

I am an engineer (damn been a long time since I said that) too, and books based out of engineering college do find a place closer to the heart. Well this one was almost a story based on college going guys, well I said “almost” so don’t hold me on to that one. Anyways, back to the review, we all love to go back to good old days and this book to start with does just that (I wish it was completely based on college, but then you need to stand out if you got to sell!).

I know many bloggers out there who want to be writer one fine day; I suggest they do go through this book before they embark upon their quest. What works for the book is how Divvaakar has cleverly spread out painful feelings of an aspiring author mixed with decent dose of humour every now and then. The language used is casual narrative and suits the storyline. However, author could have avoided slang at most of the places. The story is predictable at times, but it all fits in rather well because of the way it ends.

There are many nice management/life lessons (there the MBA spoke) that the book touches upon very nicely like work place dynamics and relationship between a husband and a wife. How to survive when the going gets tough? What favours to seek and which ones to overlook? Its all right there woven nicely in the form of a struggle of a book to find its place, or rather a survival of a new author on the block, like literally on the block, ready to be chopped! What does not work in the favour of the book is the fast pace that it picks up towards the end, its a little drag in the end. The story finishes much before the author actually finishes it.

Its a decent book for light reading, with small doses of humor, Try it!

“When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing-ENRIQUE JARDIEL PONCELA”

About the Author

S. V. Divvaakar an alumnus of the IIT Delhi, is an international Monitoring and Evaluation specialist and serves on the boards of a few international companies. He is now in the process of a gradual transition, re-balancing his professional work and his creative interests: writing and music. He composes music, sings and plays the key board. His music addresses matters of public interest, such as: Corruption, Delhis traffic, and Commonwealth Games. He writes a blog Life Purpose and Happiness and has now ventured into writing, picking up the genre of realistic fiction. This is his second novel. Divvaakar lives with his wife and son in New Delhi.

  1. Thanks for the review, I will surely read in the future..


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