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Preview of Delhi Safari

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2012 at 11:50

@bookmyshow was running a contest on twitter, and i was lucky to get 4 tickets to watch the preview show of Delhi Safari. It took me a lot of time to convince my fiance to join me after the dance class for the show. She had two tickets for watching Looper that same day, and we had to skip watching that, because we both had our dance class. Back to the movie, after the class we rushed to grab a subway before we headed out for them movie. After, a long wait, thanks to lot of people coming late, despite @bookmyshow telling them to reach 30 mins early for the show, it finally started.

Since, people were late, we were shown the making of the movie, which i think was the best part since we got to know more about the voices behind each animated character in the movie. Was great to see Akshay khanna, boman irani and urmila matondkar and not to miss out on govinda who has done a fabulous job this time.

Let me tell you i had very low expectations in terms of script, and technical execution. I had this bias that Indian 3D movie will not be that great to watch. I was surprised, and very pleased to see the execution of Delhi Safari. It filled me with pride that Indians can create a 3D movie that can be showcased across the world. The movie can actually be adapted in multiple languages as the theme of the movie is universal “Saving our Bio-diversity”

You might think that “another public message-based crap” but no, you will be surprised about the bollywood twists, and song and dance that add fantastic edge to this movie in comparison to the usual bollywood trash that is being produced these days.

All the actors who have lent their voices to the characters looked so involved in the dubbing process. Be it Boman, or Govinda or urmila…they were actually enacting as if they were animals while they went about dubbing for the character.

The director nikhil advani has done superb job of making his characters mimic popular bollywood chracters, be it Amir khan from ghajini or Sanju Baba from Mumbai, and even tele serials like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, they all add their own funny bit to the movie.

The clash between Alex (Akshay Khanna) and Bajarangi (Govinda) has to be the high point in the movie, it will actually get you thinking if your dog is actually jealous of the cat you have in your house šŸ˜‰ . My favorite character from the movie was Parinda with Tattoes on his wings. i wish he had more footage.

Calling this movie a Desi-Madagascar would be dis-service to the movie, but yes this movie is of that standard and i would wish to see a sequel to this movie. I just hope that enough people see and encourage such movies in India, so that we continue to produce some meaningful cinema in the animation space.

All in all a good movie that you can go and enjoy with your family this Navratri. Oh yes the movie has something special for all Gujrati friends.

Rating: (3/5)

  1. Will surely watch out for this, provided it releases here


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