aniruddha pathak

Time to step up

In poetry on December 5, 2011 at 13:50

She clutched his finger to move around
finding little cookies without making a sound
She had all the fun at his expense
Him loving her back made no sense

They had their fights and they got back again
Life moved on from summer to rain
He moved out to find his ground
She stayed back to help around

They met, they fought,
she cooked, he devoured
with a twinkle in her eyes
she held on to her thought

Now she’s ready to find her ground
He will bid goodbye, to his first friend he found
and said “Wish you sweet summer and springs and rain”
she rushed back to hug her Brother once again

Note: Wrote this for my sisters wedding card
  1. soooper sweet 🙂
    had tears in my eyes as i read it again after the note in the end !


  2. This is sooo soo soo sweet and adorable and just so nicee.. ❤


  3. Made me feel what I might feel when I ever marry….my bro is life to me …

    Made me cry ….loved it….I wrote something similar long back….but urs was the best 🙂


  4. Ah! this really brought tears in my eyes 😥

    U are too good man. Keep writing


  5. Having a sister is knowing that she wont stick together for long. The poem reminds me of the time she rushed back to hug her Brother once again..


  6. So beautiful! So touching! Just loved it…sharing!!!!


  7. This one is soo soo touching 🙂

    I am re visiting your blog and can’t help not leaving back a comment. 😉


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