aniruddha pathak

My muse

In poetry on February 27, 2011 at 13:19

So I look out of my window

Stare at the cars

Thinking about the conversation

That just ripped me apart


Then I sit down again

Having stopped myself last

To pen down this feeling

How I hate myself in this part

Run out of door now

get drenched in the rain

How foolish to feel that

It will take away the pain


No moment has passed

That touched upon your heart

Seconds of each minute

Each minute of every hour

My words have lost meaning

As I look at the stars


I lie on my back now

Look at the wall

Pictures are all hazy

As I wait for the call

I Know the eyes are moist now

I get ready for my fall


I reach out to you now

Wont make you feel alone

Open arms have worked

Something I should have known

Cuddle up this moment

I wished I could do

Rush back this moment

Is How much I love my muse





  1. every time I see a sad poem on ur blog, It manages to rip my heart apart 😦


  2. it’s always easy to express love and happiness, but what’s extremely difficult is to pen down sadness and dejection..wonder how you do it so effortlessly… πŸ™‚


  3. omg ! Its so touchy ..*hugs*


  4. Greetings:

    Thanks a lot for your contribution to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I am placing your link to our blogroll within two days, hope to see you share your poetry with us tonight…

    Always, your input is valued…
    Happy Sunday!
    Love, xx


  5. You invoke the feelings which i some times think i have bottled well .. and then your words come and hit like first rain on a dry land .. Lovely !!

    Missed reading you for sure !


  6. I have read the first and last paras twice now. “How Much I Love My Muse”— Super Like! πŸ™‚


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