aniruddha pathak

What a shitty day!

In poetry on October 28, 2010 at 09:14

Note:I have made an attempt at a different style of writing poetry lets call it my style 😉 , to enjoy the poem I recommend you sing it to the tune of any nursery rhyme that you remember, and hopefully you will like it.

Wake up in the morning
With a heavy head
Go curse the loo
Come back and sleep on bed

Hurry through the chores
No breakfast on plate
Sing along and say
What a shitty day!
What a shitty day!!

Rush to catch your train
Stumble on the stone
Nurse your gash wound
As first dog gets the bone

Traffucked on the way
Now you’re really late
Sing along and say
What a shitty day!
What a shitty day!!

Life has thrown lemons
Squeezed lemon got no juice
Pigeon poop on your shirt
Makes you go and puke

Now you look at heaven
Scream “Is this my fate?”
Sing along and say
What a shitty day!
What a shitty day!!

  1. its hilarious !!! loved it


  2. haha ! Nice 🙂


  3. It’s always fun to make mockery of the regular drudgery of everyday. Surely you had a good laugh while writing this 😉


  4. Awesome….Hilarious 🙂


  5. This is something we all face daily time to time 🙂
    Nice attempt ani >:D<


  6. LOL well you really are good at it. liked lots. hugs


  7. I actually sang along.. and it was so cute! Btw- I used the tune of twinkle- twinkle lil star! 🙂


  8. This is good! think have faced it in bits and parts! 😉


  9. wow this was so good …..u r amazing in such stuffs 😀


  10. wish i shall never face such a shitty day!!


  11. Check out the tags! 😀
    Humor and Sad! :S What a combo! 😀

    i kinda came up with my own instant-nursery-rhyme-tone and sang along! T’was fun! 😀


  12. lol – pretty open about the stink arent ya 😛


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