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OUAT 1: Where were you?

In poetry on September 27, 2010 at 18:24

Found my old diary and now as I flip the pages, I see the poems I had written when in school. I am posting them here unedited…there was heavy influence of songs I heard then 🙂

When I gave up hope
and had ordeals to cope
Where were you?

When I didn’t succeed
and had no one to lead
Where were you?

When I lost faith
and was depressed,
Where were you?

When I was alone,
and lost friends I’d known
Where were you?

When I needed care
and had problems to share
Where were you?

Please come back to me,
and set my heart free,
then I’ll tell you,
How close to me are you.

  1. ohh..since school days u have been so talented and romantically inclined towards life. :).. that sure is overwhelming.. :)…but this poem is simply awesome..fabulous.. 🙂


  2. So embarrassing and weirdly cute to read stuff you wrote when way young 😛 I can totally relate. Mine too were heavily influenced by the songs I heard that time.


  3. Very beautifully written…. you know its nice and cute in an innocent sort of way…. I hope you have not lost that innocence in the journey to grow up.


  4. Awesome :)Love the innocence in it 🙂

    Reading old stuff is great always….when I come across old poem I wrote I love the nostalgia too 🙂


  5. That’s lovely. It’s nice to go back and look at things you’ve written when you were younger, eh?


  6. you’re good at it. i understand your poems hehehe


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