aniruddha pathak

Get set go

In 55 words or less on August 10, 2010 at 05:56

Her hands were moving at a frantic pace.

She worked like a professional. One final check and she should be done.

Pink hair clips.

A Pink t-shirt.

Pink shoes.

Pink lipstick.

Pink eye-shadow.

One last time she admired herself in the mirror.

Finally she wore her pink headband, and she was ready for workout.

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  2. hahahhaha..good one!!!.work out with eye shadows i am sure is a must watch.. 😀


  3. Too much pink…I need timeout after reading something like that!!! 😛 lol


  4. This pink!!! character is seriously inspired by barbie! 🙂


  5. I dunno about the pink but it DOES take us a lot of time to get ready for the gym 😛 So observant you are! hehe.


  6. How can you forget pink track pants… 🙂 reminds me of Legally Blonde.. I guess that was the movie where the heroine was obsessed with pink color..


  7. Pink eyeshadow!!?!! With pink lipstick? And pink sneakers? And pink tee? Cannot believe that I have actually typed out the above sentence! 😮

    I am guilty of buying a pair of pink Nike, in my teen years (they were on sale, I was on pocket money). Hardly ever wore them. In fact they are still lying in the box, complete with wrapping paper, somewhere. Sheesh! 😀


  8. Visual Treat LOL I liked this one .. :p though not my favorite color except whrn I am eating cotton candy 😀


  9. you are damn good with these limited word play!!


  10. Pink on sale! I bet she was getting paid to publicize “pink” color….. similar case.. I saw a “bright yellow” girl once..was giving a tough competition to surya devta.


  11. too much of pink…omg..! 😛
    i am a pink lover..though i wont ever wear an eye shadow to


  12. am gonna reco your 55er to a blogger friend of mine .. i guess he will love to read them ! hope you don’t mind 🙂


  13. nice..that is an incredible amount of pink…nice 55.


  14. I’m surprised she’s not to tired now to work out, whew! love the pink, and a great 55!


  15. Wait! Let me guess…she likes pink. Very cute and quite a visual this creates. A fine 55.


  16. Greetings My Friend…
    I was referred to you by the talented Lady Nimue. Every Friday I host a fun little exercize called Friday Flash 55. You write a poem or short story in EXACTLY 55 words. Post the story on your blog, then come tell me on my comment section. Try It, it’s fun.


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