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55 words or less:Night Siren

In 55 words or less on January 16, 2010 at 06:48

A tightΒ red top and a tantalisingly short black skirt.

Perfect brazillian curves with fullness at right places meant only one thing!

He cant miss this chance.

Slowly he moved his car closer and lowered the window glass.

He froze!! those whiskers on the lips gave it away.

He ran for his life.

  1. What was it? Vampire in a sexy dress? eunuch? or a man?
    or some sexy girl who could not get her eye brows and upper lips done cuz of her busy schedule?


  2. Agree Prachi… even i have seen many gurls with bushy brows and upper lips… n may b boyz feel the same ewww… so, moral of the story… check out mirror at least 7 tymes b4 u leave home.. lol…!!! Srry Ani for makin it funny…;)


  3. hehe… i knew it.. was just trying to play with words.. ;P


  4. heheheh poor guy.. didn’t see that coming i suppose.


  5. LOL!!! chaan hota!


  6. ROFL!!! πŸ˜€


  7. @ashi: πŸ˜€ thanks


  8. Sheesh! Didn’t see this coming!
    Also, Shivee is right… girls do have moustaches. Though, that would be equally creepy, I guess:P


  9. I have never seen a crossdresser …


  10. i can imagine… the guy actually must have ran for his life.. caught in the wrong situation…


  11. LMFAO!
    ..and you’re back?


  12. That was a nice one πŸ™‚


  13. i liked it..:)


  14. so many responses..wah, wah! anyway I liked it. where do u get these ideas? were you the poor guy who got scared out of his wits?:P


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