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5 people who meant the most and 5 things I want in New Year

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Ok this one is for a contest and here is the link for it

Rules: We need to post about 5 things we want for new year and 5 people who meant most to you

Now let me start with 5 people who mattered to me the most

  1. My caretaker:

    Now I am staying with friends right now in Mumbai and we all are away from our home for work, this guy takes good care of us. How? Well everyday I come back from office he makes sure our house does not look like that of a Bachelors Den!! Cooks decent edible food, and makes sure we eat our breakfast even if that means grabbing just a sandwich on our way to office.

  2. Mom:

    Now I have said enough about my mom being my first girlfriend and being the one I am the closest too, its time she gets some more footage here 😉 ( By the way she loved the poem I wrote for her..isnt that sweet) 😀

  3. Teachers-Diago/Reesha/Sandeep

    Now none of you might know them but they happen to be my teachers my gurus for I have been learning my dance from them. They are one of the best and Diago and Reesha actually represent India in International ballroom contests.

    Sandeep Soparkar happens to be the founder of Sandeep Soparkar Ballroom Studio the place where I am learning all the dances from. Uh did he actually need an introduction 😉 just wondering!!

  4. Blog friends

    Now I had been inactive for so long and started active bloging only around August 2009 it seems. On my way I have met so many amazing people that they definitely need a mention here. The kind of support I got while I was away studying for my exams, was just overwhelming. Love you all for this J

  5. One Special Friend

    Well no year can pass without her having touched my life in a special way and this year she had to go through something terrible. She’s back and I just love it isn’t it 😀

5 things that I want for New Year

  1. Latin Ballroom dancing music/video collection:
    My love for this dance form started with learning salsa in January 2009 and slowly I have moved on to learn ten dance forms. Enough said, I would love to have a good collection of latin ballroom dancing videos and music to dance.

  2. Dancing shoes: There are so many dancing shoes that I would love to have, and right now sadly I got just one pair. Have a look, aren’t they awesome

  3. N900: Although this new phone by nokia has not been launched in India yet but I am expecting that Maemo is the platform for future

  4. IPod Dock

    Do I need say anything more. Image source:

  5. SkullCandy gear: Now this is something I have been after the skullcandy guys for quite sometime now. These guys I think are the only one’s with cool and funky headphones but but..did you check out the t-shirts they have? Unfortunately its not yet available in India Sigh L

    Have a look: Source

    The bag looks cool too

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