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In Uncategorized on November 9, 2009 at 10:18

I will be comig up with lots of pending tags now.. so please bear with me 🙂

Here i go with the first one, neha tagged me and if anyone of you feel like doing it, please do and let me know, i would be happy to read and comment.

I have to list down my five current obsessions, so lets begin

1. Latin ballroom dancing: Well this was a no brainer isn’t it, considering there was a point of time when i was dancing 6 days a week (it has reduced to 2 days a week now considering i have to study), and the only reason for me to not dance on Wednesday was that studio guys needed to rest ;). It is a wonderful dance form and if anyone of you get a chance do give it a shot. I have to drop a name 😉 , Sandeep Soparkar my trainer has choreographed “Kites” new movie of Hrithik

2. Klueless: Well for the people who are going klueless, this is what has been keeping me hooked . Well the concept is similar to a riddle site by the name Notpron (a play of words on Not porn)

3. Cricket: Well by the time i post this, i have witnessed a gem innings by Sachin. Sad that India snatched defeat from the mouth of Australia, yea we are good hosts you see 😀

4. CFA: well this one is forced 😦 Have to study for the level 1 exam coming up on Dec-6 and that is what is keeping me away from Silent Expressions and your blogs

5.Food: Well not an obsession actually, but yes i am a foodie. Like trying out different cuisines. I want to go and eat once at Banana Leaf, heard their Thali is great 😀

  1. Latin ballroom dancing sounds exciting. But I am a great fan of Salsa. I’d love to learn Salsa whenever I can manage sometime to spare.
    I share your obsession with food. I too am a foodie I love cooking vast variety more than eating it.

    Tag very nicely done. Keep up the wonderful work.



    • @chatterbox: Salsa is popular because of bollywood 🙂 but trust me once you see someone dance a rumba, samba, jive, cha cha you will realise what you are missing out on 😀 Start soooon and let me know 🙂 i will be happy to share any info on this dance form


  2. You want to experience the best south indian foodgasm ever? Then if you ever happen to go to Bangalore stop by MTR ( The restaurant doesn’t look tempting at all (not to mention the indifferent looking Tamil folks going in and out), but I think that MTR would easily beat any restaurant serving south indian food in the whole world.


    • @Freya: tell me something in mumbai na if you can. I will keep that in mind when i go to bangalore


      • Since I am south indian myself, I don’t really go out to eat the same food made at home, but there are two places I know. One is Bharat Cafe at Ghatkopar and another is Guru Kripa at Sion, the masala dosa is good at Guru Kripa. Also, there is a outlet at R City mall’s food court, Ghatkopar which starts from Malgudi. Don’t know about the taste, but the items look good.


  3. U mean the tag season is up again?! ha ha 😀 😀
    I’m a big time foodie as well.. I guess thats coz of “Saddi Dilli ” 😀


  4. CFA! I guess almost everyone I know is giving CFA this Dec and few june next year. I can totally understand why you have been away :)good luck for your exam.
    and what a match that was! seriously Sachin deserves a better team.


  5. i love ballroom dancing…

    i spent my teen years and college years in dancing was a second nature..long time ago..


  6. Love the new look! Now that you’re done with thhis tag, there’s another one waiting for you 🙂


  7. 1. seriously no brainer! 🙂 but wow, didnt know u knew big names 😉
    2. I am still clueless!! will have to figure it out after taking sometime…
    4. hmmm……??!!


  8. @Freya: will keep that in mind when i go to ghatkopar next 😀


  9. Latin dancing! I’m a huge fan


  10. @shruthi: sent you a test mail 🙂


  11. @Neha: oh wow damn cool yar 🙂 which ones? you should share some info then ..i would too 😀


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