aniruddha pathak

Old poem

In poetry on October 24, 2009 at 18:29

I know i have not been posting a lot..but this is one poem i wrote sometime back, and would actually want you all to have a look.

P.S: I am right now going through all the posts you lovely peole have written and trying to comment on all of them 🙂

  1. good one! i allays like peoms written by others since i can’t write any! keep em comin, maybe i’ll learn fm u fellas


  2. by thew ay i like your new hobby about reading others posts and commenting..i know you read mine 🙂


  3. lovely poem!! so you write, 55ers, you write poems, you dance, you want to be a great parent!! OMG where are the girls??????


  4. i envy people who can express themselves poetically. it is such a nice feeling to express more in few words.
    keep the flow coming


  5. First of all let me tell you..your blogs looking nice 🙂 Pretty actually 🙂 Hope you got my FB message 🙂

    You are tagged at my gotta do the second one only 🙂


  6. Hey my followers list shows your name but your blogroll doesn’t show my name 😦 Techno fix ?


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