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Follow your dreams

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How many of us are actually doing what we really like doing? How many of us think that one fine day we will actually be paid for following our dreams? πŸ™‚ sounds like a dream isn’t it!!

This post is going to be different, i would like to introduce you all to this friend of mine who is doing some amazing work by following her passion to “Paint” πŸ™‚ !! my school friend Ruchi.

Ruchi Goyal Kaura

I can still remember her taking up science after 10th standard, and i wondered…why does she want to study so much? when she is so good with her drawings, and sketching. I worked with her on creating some huge charts for school festivals, she was really good that time too.

She did pursue her passion, thank god for that πŸ˜€ and went ahead to pursue her masters Nottingham Trent University- Textile Design and Innovation.She has recently done her first exhibition at the IHC, and I wish her all the very best for many more such exhibitions πŸ™‚

She has worked on series like “Shiva”, “Earth” and won the Rugmark: Ethical rug design competition of 2008. I even ended up writing a poem after being inspired from one of her paintings πŸ˜€ which you all must have read on the blog here.

I would not like to speak much, and let her paintings do the talking..have a look πŸ™‚


  1. Visited her site. What an amazing work of art! With this kind of talent I am sure she’ll go a long way. I wish her the best πŸ™‚


  2. amazing work…


  3. Amazing talent.
    I wish her all the best. A very close friend of mine left the high paying world of advertising to pursue painting full time. He has never been happier.


  4. i m going to learn dancing after my mba for sure n pursue it..
    i m happy atrleast someone is doing what they truly like!


  5. She’s great.. I think she’s good with blues and oranges…she knows the color dwelling well πŸ™‚ of course I mean she is an artist πŸ™‚

    and on top of that she’s got a great website πŸ™‚


  6. hehe i’m sure Nu..when do we get to see your work ?


  7. wow! this gal is amazing!!


  8. Oh Wow!! that was lovely..pursuing your dream gives tremendous matter how much you are paid what matter is it should be sufficient to satisfy your basic necessities thats it!
    and I wish your friend all the best for her future ventures.
    God bless!!


  9. hehe thanks purnima…was just pulling you up a bit πŸ˜€


  10. Her website is amazing. It is good to know that she is following her dreams. Doing what you like and getting paid for it is the everyone’s desire. People normally give up their dreams and just do what others force them to do.

    I wish her great success!


  11. Interesting stuff! She sure is talented!


  12. great paintings and great site. she is really talented:-)


  13. i really am grateful for all your comments on my blog. thank you for liking it so much πŸ™‚

    and this my friend is so amazing!
    your friend really is something πŸ™‚


  14. Wow, exhibition, now that’s an achievement not many get a chance. My best wishes.


  15. Dearest Ani,

    First of all thanks so much for writing such a wonderful post about me and my work. Your just a sweetheart. Thanks for remembering the school and all the fun we had on events. I truly feel blessed to be your friend. Noone else I know could have written it so soulfully like you did. Big hug dear. I can never forget your encouragement and support.

    And the most overwhelming thing about is this post is that so many people visited my site and wrote such an amazing feedback. Thank you all. All the good wishes and blessings count.

    I wish you all the health and prosperity in your life. And may you FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, like i am doing!

    lots of love


    PS. I will soon launch the promised t-shirt range in your name. πŸ™‚


  16. She is amazing, everyone knows that and I do adore her. But I am even happier cos she is a frnd, yaar koi toh celebrity frnd hona chahiye na! and that too a designer….m just waiting for the day she will also start designing clothes, accessories and what not and start sending all this stuff to her dear frnds πŸ˜€

    Yes…she is very talented and creative. Even I remember the school days, I never got past that hut, tree n 4 mountains to complete my scenery as far as creativity goes….do I need to say abt this gal!

    And…oye Ruchi…why u praising Ani so much….main bhi achha hi likhta hoon πŸ™‚ bas isne pehle likh diya…bada hi smart ladka hai πŸ™‚ . Aur haan t-shirt range is already after Ani’s name….why not have ur perfume brand after my name, how abt “VS” …

    Anyways…. u rock gal!


    • hehe well captured vishal and thanks for appreciating my writing :D..welcome to the blog..yea we all have seen her graduate from drawing amazing things in school to this art exhibition now πŸ˜€


  17. How many of us are actually doing what we really like doing? How many of us think that one fine day we will actually be paid for following our dreams? πŸ™‚ sounds like a dream isn’t it!!
    i thot u were talking of urself ani πŸ™‚

    the paintings are lovely…. may God bless ur friend for a bright future! πŸ™‚


  18. nice and colorful work!


  19. absolutely terrific!!!

    lucky lucky…all of us are not so lucky…sigh..


  20. I think everyone can achieve their dreams. Most people realise their dreams, but don’t act on it.


  21. where u lost? u and ur disappearing acts ..


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