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Bad Customer service Nokia

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2009 at 16:21

I never knew that i am going to make so much effort to come back and write this, its a very random rant for a random problem and if you guys know of some one in Nokia who can help me this, please let me know through your comments. I am trying to catch up on your posts and comments lovely peole but this tennis elbow just refuses πŸ™‚ . I was furious when i wrote this, but i think i just had to. I just hope some one from Nokia reads this and realises how some one in Nokia centre out here Β is screwing their business.

This is the mail i sent to nokia care just now. the names have been removed for obvious reasons.

Dear K

I am sorry to say that despite several attempts made by me to the nokia service centre(since 25th july) at V my problem has not been solved.

Problem: The front camera of N-82 phone that i have gets activated during incoming call. Only on random calls, not all incoming calls.

The phone has been sent once to Delhi (i stay in mumbai). The phone came back and i was informed that the R&D centre guys have repaired the phone. i collected the phone and the problem started again.

I called up bangalore centre on call centre and the guy said that my handset will be replaced without asking any questions if i was not satisfied with the phone still.

I contacted Mr. R of V centre(nokia fones4u). He had called me to his centre. He told me to get my Sim repalced and change the network setting in my phone to GSM mode only to see if the problem gets solved. But i’m sorry to say the problem was not solved. Still on some incoing calls the front camera gets activated.

Ms S the centre manager ahd once even confirmed to me that she was able to reproduce the problem and then she upgraded the software and that problem was solved. But i’m sorry the problem was not solved that time either and i had to re submit the phone. Go through all the mail trails of the job sheets that you produce.

Mr R called me today September 8 saying that even if after changing the Sim card and changing the setting the problem exists he will replace the phone. But i’m sorry to say this was not the case. He asked me to reproduce the problem there. He said he had spoken to RMO or whatever and he has said that if customer can reproduce the problem take the phone else leave it?

Now since it happens only on random calls, how can i reproduce the problem to prove that i am actually facing a problem with the handset. can you explain this to me?

I have bought the phone on June 20, 2009. Can you explain to me, why would i pursue so much to get my phone replaced if i was not facing any genuine problem? It is a new handset for god sake.I have not even been able to use it properly so far, since 25th July i have been running around this nokia centre to get this problem solved.

I have been a very staunch nokia fan so far. So much that i have lost 2 mobile phones (nokia e51) in a span of last 6 months. Is this the way you treat your customers?

If Mr R was going to ask me the same questions and not replace the phone, why did he waste my time. When i went there he was telling me that he didnt even know that my phone had gone to delhi centre, and that since R&D also could not find a problem he cant help.

I am a computer science engineer and an mba in finance. I know enough techniques to check a fault. A fault can not be recreated till the time you have all the conditions similar in which a customer is facing the problem. Also can you explain to me, since this problem occurs in random calls, how can you expect me to actually reproduce it infront of you at will?

I believe that you guys should atleast trust your customers for god sake in this regard. What happens from here on can you imagine? you lose a very good nokia customer who probably recommends a nokia phone to every other person he knows? Is this how your customer service works? How much does it cost me? It has already cost me a bomb (24k for 2 nokia fones lost+15k for this n-82 handset+time+energy+trauma for going again and again to a nokia centre)

Why do you think i am making this much effort? How much does it cost the company to keep a customer i dont understand? If your R&D guys think this is a very good working handset, so fine why dont you guys keep it with you and replace the handset for me? Isnt it that simple?

I mean what are you guys thinking i am getting out of it? I have been making 100s of visit to your office, i have to actually take leave from office to visit your centre ( i work monday to saturday 10 am to 6:30 pm)

Can you please for once understand, what i am going through for past 2 months now and give me some direct response, and not some wishy washy answer?

no, i’m simply tired of me submitting the handset to you and you guys testing checking seriously.

  1. I am so sorry to read this. I have no contacts in Nokia : ( it must be so frustrating running around like this ..
    Its the same with all companies.. once you ‘pay’ they cease to care .. they are only interested in money and they think one unsatisfied customer can not topple their ‘goodwill’ but then they do not realize that one leads to hundreds and as they say one bad fish spoils the whole pond ..


  2. I have no contacts either 😦 sorry buddy. but hope you get a response to your mail. what gets on my nerves is bad service plus bad attitude! they either are too arrogant or too stupid to solve the matter.
    I know a lot of people who are unhappy with the N series. will check if they have had any luck with the customer care and let you know.
    take care and I do hope you are recovering πŸ™‚


  3. Oh! this is bad. Bad customer service. When will these people learn?


  4. I think you shouldn’t be too kind to them by keeping their identities hidden. Serves them right to be shamed online. Can you track down the email ids of some top shots ? Linkedin might be helpful? Write a letter and post it to them. That has helped me in the past !


  5. sometimes posting like this on blogs can cause stunning results..

    good luck..


  6. If this is the language you used in the letter, they will not really respond to it. Its way to casual. Just call up their call center, ask them to put you through the manager, and tell the manager, that despite all the repeated attempts, your complaint has not made any headway.
    If he assures you that, he will personally look into it, tell him, that he has a weeks time to do it. Otherwise, if he just craps you again, tell them, that- you are taking them to the consumer court. Period.
    And, if they scoff at you for that as well, then, just go to any lawyer/ a lawyer friend, and send them a legal notice.
    Your problem will be dealt with along with damages.


  7. Call the call centre and screw their happiness. These people never learn! BTW, I just got my laptop fixed from Acer Service Centre and I must say that their service impressed me greatly! Didn’t expect it though. And with my Sony handset, the scene was just the opposite. Is it about these BIG companies getting complacent once they reach there???


  8. Oh..This is terrible…First you have an expensive new phone that’s acting up..then you have the nokia guys being unresponsive..and then you vent out by telling us about it when you have a tennis elbow and should be staying away from the pc to begin with….
    I really hope they replace that thing for you…


  9. omg! i m truly shocked at the treatment they meted out to u! i mean bad performance in one centre is still plausible… but consistently bad behaviour in more than one centre is too much.

    nokia used to be my fav cell brand too. but now i m doubting it.

    isnt there some other centre where u can go to get it chked? why cant these morons replace ur phone at the very least??? its a brand new phone, for pete’s sake!!!


  10. oye. totally disgusting these customer service people are. i think they have a secret comedy club somewhere, where all of them get together and laugh their head off at us. yup, but i’m with you. most times i’d like to bite their head off.

    and yeah, get well soon. : )


  11. wo. lemme know how this goes.. good luck!


  12. I guess many Nokia phone models has problems. The quality has degraded over past few years 😦
    My sis too is frustrated with the memory problem in her N81.


  13. hiya! have got an award for you πŸ™‚ check my blog


  14. Guess Nokia is no longer synonymous with quality… Good luck. Hope things work out finally


  15. I told you to buy the mobile from The Mobile Store…You would not have had to do so much running around


  16. last time i had a problem with a nokia phone i got it repaired and sold it right away!
    claiming warranty is one of the worst thing in world πŸ™‚
    anyway lets hope yours will be solved fast.


  17. hey no new post yet ?


  18. I was actually planning to buy a Nokia soon…Motorola is pathetic


  19. I think there’s a consumer forum or something like that. Write to them.
    BTW get well soon.


    • so far dealing with the company neha directly, lets see if that does ot work will go to next level. Thanks for the wishes yarr. i am fine now..just need to work on my exercises to get back some strength πŸ™‚


  20. hi ani! for some strange reason, i just clicked through to your blog and i LOVE your 55ers! i am simply floored by short stories and story writers. i can usually never find the discipline πŸ™‚

    regarding the nokia problem – put it on mouthshut and facebook, for one, also it might be worth your while to call consumer court. they are pretty helpful over phone.

    i’ve been struggling with a p1i i bought from the mobile store myself. i think i’ll take my own advice and go trash them on every forum i can find. right now.

    ps: 69er are like 55ers…


    • welcome to the blog mentalie..and i am floored by your comment infact :)..well nokia guys have agreed to replace and all so i am waiting to do a happy customer post soon :)..this email to customer care has worked πŸ™‚


  21. They say that blogs are soon becoming the best place to monitor customer feedback about businesses. For their sake, I hope someone from Nokia reads this and gets in touch with you asap. Blogs = viral.

    Sorry but the PR person in me couldn’t help see this any other way πŸ˜›


  22. when u back ya?
    blogosphere misses yew πŸ™‚


  23. Hoping your elbow is feeling better! And reading your comments, thankfully you’ll get your phone replaced! I don’t know why, but it seems as if phone companies really are the worst!


  24. That was a decent letter, but I feel you should post names and send them the link, it does help, a lot of misdeeds have been corrected by blogosphere, one case in refrence is wockhardt bangalore negligency. Try it. Hope your tennis elbow is better now.


  25. hey thanks sujata..i had mentioned the names in the mail i sent and it has worked..they are replacing …i’ll post a happy note once i am satisfied :)..the tennis elbow is better, i need to i am keeping my laptop usage to minimal as of now πŸ˜€


  26. hey! hope you are feeling better. when you coming back?
    waiting for your 55ers πŸ™‚


  27. I have had really bad experiences with customer care… It’s such a pain to follow up with them and get things sorted..Hope your problem got resolved.


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