aniruddha pathak

NaBloPoMo:Post 27:55 words or less: Creeper

In 55 words or less on July 27, 2009 at 18:37

It was well past midnight when it stopped raining.

The cool breeze put him to sound sleep.

He could now feel something creeping up on him.

Not one but three.

He tried opening up his eyes, only to find


“Wake up Its 8:30 am!! Wake up its 8:30 am” went his phone.

  1. hehehe… loved it! I bet this one, out of all the 55-ers, is closest to life! 😀

    P.S.: btw blogrolling u 🙂


  2. yea three of them..small 😛


  3. ikssssssssss…….Lizards!!!!!!!!!Man, i hate them..i hate them soooo much…..and three at a time!!!ooooohhhh…i wld have shot myself…..and good that it was a dream..or else we wldnt have had an opportunity to read this post!!!!


  4. eekkksss..thats shit scary. are you watching is jungle se mujhe bachao too much…no wonder u are writing all this.


  5. LOL!!

    For a minute I thought the lizards were waking you up! 😛

    Good one though! 🙂


  6. 🙂 I know another person too who is petrified of lizards..Thank Lord it was only a dream.
    55 words seems a great idea.


  7. EWWWWW!!!
    i hate reptiles!!!
    u know once i woke up to something pricking me inside my shirt it was a rat!! inside my shirt!!!!


  8. Awww…Lizzies….So cute!
    That really happened to you!?! Did you look around for a fly? What were the lizzies hunting??? I wonder…..


  9. Lizards?lol
    I’ve moved from to 🙂


    • meiraaaaa fir se soch lo…blogger is a far better platform…i am cursing myself for moving into a restricted environment of wordpress..but thats the coder in me speaking for freedom 🙂


  10. lol I loved it ..yea I know the feeling ..Monsoon has brought out the creepy crawlers .. gr8 reading .


  11. EEEWWWEEE…I hate creepy crawlies and lizards top my list.
    I once dreamed of a rat climbing up my leg. My worst nightmare so far. Worse than the one in which I died. Seriously.


  12. Haha eww. I used to live in Indonesia and lizards were so commonplace there. But even with seeing them around often they still give me the creepy-crawlies. I can’t get a wink of sleep if I know there’s one roaming around my room – I have this fear that it’ll fall on me in the middle of the night…ewwwww. 😡


  13. LOL….I remember, in hostel, my friends used to cry Lizards Lizards loudly to wake me up.


  14. Heh! Enjoyed this the most.


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