aniruddha pathak

NaBloPoMo:Post 24:55 words or less: Achiever

In 55 words or less on July 24, 2009 at 18:46

His best was not good enough.
Life got complicated at 10.
Walk back home seemed harder with each step.
It was time to show it to mom , who seemed to have different plans.
“What!!! Chocolate Boxxx..but..but I came third mom?”
“So what bebu!! I am proud of you”

  1. So sweet!
    And I am feeling like a fool about the dance post coment. Thought you were the guy with 2 left legs.
    BTW, I immensely admire people who dance well. I am like those partners who make you furious.


  2. awww what a cool mom!:)
    all parents should be like this!


  3. Hey this was a good one .. Though the 2nd last sentence could have been differently worded, since it’s a kid saying ?? … just my thought !


  4. Hmmm…If mum was so understanding….why was the son under so much pressure???…who put all the expectation on him if it wasn’t mum??? …could it be the dad???…if so he should eat those chocolates quickly b4 facing the music….Aaargh..I am so confused…to be continued pleeeease! 😀


    • choco are mom and dad the only source of pressure ? 😉
      Kids have access to a lot of info, and have even informed peer group these days, who can suffice for the pressure. Leave aside the fact that schools hardly teach anything these days, and kids are forced to go attend tutions.


  5. now that’s a role model mom alrite! 🙂 wish there were more of such ppl around…


  6. Now that’s like a good mom! 🙂


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