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NaBloPoMo:Post 21:55 Words or less:Right Choice??

In 55 words or less on July 21, 2009 at 19:49

He had never seen her so happy.

“Oh god why always me”

It was then that he mumbled a small prayer

“Lord!! Ensure she stays this way”

He could feel the pain run through his spine now

when he finally told her “I think Rahul is the guy for you”

  1. Uhh Ohh…Maybe he should speak his heart….


  2. poor guy:-( he shud have told he is the right guy..cho sad


  3. “Jee-le-apni-zindagi” syndrome….and y after all things did this struck him…was he being non-committal???then serves him right!!!!!…
    ….and if the story goes like the “duh-girl” only trying to have a fun time, first with the “looser” who has let her go so easily and then Rahul, then us ladki k kaan k neeche ek zor se bajane ka….. :D..

    i think i am being too violent…so let this be it… 😀 😀 😛


    • @priya: Uhh well nice imagination 😛
      Why can’t it be the guy’s fault to have waited all this while for an opportunity to say it, only to realise it was too late 😀

      But i agree, given the scenario you suggested…ek kaan ke neeche rakh ke dene ka 😛


  4. Awww… bechara! If only he had said it earlier, maybe he’d have been the right guy, eh?!?


  5. oh! 😦
    he should say something!


  6. Why did he have to say so!!


  7. thats quite hurting… 😦 I would never have the heart to do that…


  8. ouch!! now THAT’s what i call pain…


  9. @ashwathy : Is mein kya kahan se mila?


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